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The Clingy Bunny Boy
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: The Clingy Bunny Boy
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Those symptoms..."

That morning, in the House of Lamentation, Belphie comes down to dining room with bunny ear shoes, and starts to change the tableware to ones with bunnies too. When Mammon points out that those things seem kind of childish, Belphie responds that he doesn't care and sits down to eat...some raw carrots. MC can comment that Belphie even behaves like a rabbit, which he takes as a compliment. Belphie doesn't think he's acting weird but Satan notices that Belphie's eyes seem rather red.

"That's pretty cute!"

Satan deduces that his behavior and red eyes point to Belphie having bunnification - a rare phenomenon that makes demons obsessed with rabbits, though it lasts only one day. Belphie says that nothing is wrong with him besides that, and MC can either comment that they are still worried or that in that case there's nothing to worry about. Belphie calms them down then, though he appreciates the concern. He then asks MC to stay with him until the sickness passes.


Mammon is jealous, though Belphie is adamant about not being separated from MC for even a second. MC can be concerned or glad about the fact. Satan and Mammon are suspicious of it being a symptom of the illness, but Belphie ignores them, telling MC he loves them. Later in the day, Belphie finds MC in the common room and asks them to brush his hair, and then stroke his head. MC can be either agreeable to those demands, or refuse them, which makes Belphie disappointed. Belphie follows MC all day, looking for them, sitting next to them, and asking for their needs - which makes Levi jealous. Lucifer advises MC to not pander to all of Belphie's whims as it will get him spoiled. Belphie shuts them up, saying that he needs a day to be fully healed.

"I think I want in too."

Belphie comes into MC's room at night, asking them to sleep together. If they disagree, he says that it's hard to sleep because of the bunnification, and lays down next to them "just for a little while". He then cuddles up to them and apologizes for being so clingy all day, explaining that he can't stand being away as MC's presence is really comforting. Belphie asks them to put up with it just a bit longer. MC can agree or kiss his forehead. If they kiss his forehead, Belphie asks them to kiss him somewhere else as that is not enough. MC can kiss him on the lips then, or the back of his hand. Either way, he says that being bunnified isn't bad since he rarely gets MC all to himself, and he wished he could be like that forever. The next morning, Belphie still sits next to MC, and asks them to stroke his head again. Satan is worried as the sickness should have been gone by now, and Belphie flippantly answers that he feels like he stills has some lingering symptoms. Levi asks him if he wants carrots for breakfast again, which he declines. Both Mammon and Levi get jealous, saying he was just using the sickness as an excuse to get closer to MC. Belphie responds that he feels like eating the carrots after all, but Levi screams at him that's too late. Mammon and Levi then decide that they are starting to feel sick as well... Lucifer only sighs.

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