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The Dame Challenge
Intimacy: Solomon Lv. 5
Card: The Dame Challenge
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Do it for free? Anyone?"

Before Queen Rose's visit the demons are practicing Dame training in an empty classroom at RAD. Lucifer is scolding his brothers for not keeping attention to the hems of their dresses and stepping on them. Solomon drops by and admits that the brothers have improved. Asmodeus notices him and suggests him that he should try dressing up as a Dame too. Solomon isn't keen on that because such an important event isn't something to play around with, but MC convinces him to agree to one condition.

"I'm a little excited."

Solomon wants a bet - if he loses he'll do whatever they say. Mammon hears about the bet and immediately wants to join. They toss a coin and Mammon wins. Asmo immediately starts preparations.

"How wonderful!"

Asmodeus adds final touches to Solomon's makeup and hair. Once he's finished, he's pleased with the result and shows it to everyone. Solomon is embarrassed to be stared at so much. If MC compliments him, Asmo adds that he's impressed that Solomon actually looks the best from everyone, save for Asmo himself. Solomon is barely recognisable and others are shocked by the change too. Levi even claims he looks like a 2.5D beauty. Levi and Asmo want to take a picture with Solomon and upload it to Devilgram and MC can join or stop them. It is however too much for Solomon, who runs away and drags MC with him.

"I want the photos too."

Solomon and MC stop in the courtyard of RAD. He is unsettled by the fact that his photos in the Dame getup almost got posted on Asmo's popular Devilgram. MC asks him if they can snap a photo. If they promise they won't give it to anyone, Solomon agrees. Despite the trouble he's quite content with the fact he discovered a new side of himself and asks MC which side of him they prefer. If MC tells Solomon that they like both, he asks if that means they like him for him. If MC confirms they like him for him, he asks MC for a kiss which they can accept or reject - he is okay with that. If MC doesn't confirm, Asmo and Mammon catch up to them and chase Solomon for a photo again and he takes off running with MC.

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