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The Power of Song Devilgram.png
The Power of Song
Intimacy: Luke Lv. 5
Card: The Power of Song
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"You're all being so nice to L..."

Luke finishes a song, a popular song from the Celestial Realm, that he sang for MC. Diavolo and Asmodeus praise it and he's happy with their praise, but then he realises who actually talked to him and that he was being watched by more than one person. Not only them, but also birds are flocking around him, attracted by his voice. Diavolo mentions that he heard from Simeon that even animals love listening to Luke and is thrilled to see that it's no exaggeration.

"What he's complaining about?"

Birds start circling around Luke and Asmodeus comments that Luke seems to be even more popular than him. The birds appear to want Luke to follow them, so Diavolo decides they better go with them. The birds however lead them to the forest. If MC asks Luke if he's scared, he denies it, but wants to hold MC's hand so they don't stumble on the uneven ground. If MC decides it's better to go slowly, Asmo shouts to scare him, frightening him to the bone. Asmo notices then that birds are forming a ring around something - turns out it is a small bird.

"Fly I say, fly!"

Diavolo notices that the little bird is injured - the injury seems to be healed, so the bird should be able to fly, but it seems too afraid to try. Luke wants to help the bird somehow, but feels helpless - but Asmo points out that he actually can do something to help the bird to deal with its fear, so Luke sings for it. Once he starts singing, Diavolo is in awe how soothing the melody is, Asmo is struck by the song's beauty as well and the bird starts slightly moving its wings, so Luke continues to sing to encourage it.

"What power..."

The bird starts flapping its wings and takes off. MC choses then to comment on the situation. If they ask Luke if he has healing powers, he denies it and says that he always just hopes that his words would reach the heart. After the situation is settled, they go back to the RAD and Luke complains that he's tired but suddenly the birds drop a wreath of flowers onto him. Asmodeus gushes over how cute Luke looks in the flower crown and takes photos, but Luke is annoyed as he didn't agree on any pictures. If MC wants the photo too, Diavolo wants the pictures as well to send them to Barbatos and Lucifer and as much as Luke is okay with Barbatos seeing the photo, he absolutely doesn't want Lucifer to see. If MC suggests a group photo istead, they all take a photo happily.

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