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The Rare Flower Devilgram.png
The Rare Flower
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 3
Mammon Lv. 3
Belphegor Lv. 5
Card: The Rare Flower
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"I'd be happy knowing that..."

The story begins with Lucifer, Mammon, Belphegor, and MC in the dining room. Mammon and Belphegor notice that Lucifer looks upset so Lucifer explains that there will be a tea party at the Demon Lord's Castle to celebrate Jill's Day and he's having trouble deciding what to bring as a gift. Jill's Day is named after a woman who sold her soul to a demon and it's considered a holiday in the Devildom. MC suggests that Lucifer bring flowers as a gift to the party. Mammon finds the idea surprising but Belphegor agrees with MC. Belphegor gives Lucifer a pamphlet for the day's Hell Auction and points out that there is a listing for a Hellfire Rose, which only blooms once every 500 years. Lucifer then decides that they will obtain the Rose by any means necessary.

"I also wanted to go!"

In the auction hall, Mammon mentions that he hasn't been to an auction in a long time, and Belphegor reminds him that it's because last time he bought too much stuff and Lucifer got mad. MC mentions they are excited about the auction, so Belphegor asks if they've ever attended an auction in the human world. Despite their answer, Belphegor gives MC the paddle and Lucifer tells them to not stop bidding until he says. Belphegor says that the Hellfire Rose will be up last but Mammon wants MC to warm their arm up by bidding on other items. Lucifer tells his brothers that they're welcome to bid on whatever they want if they'll pay for it out of pocket. Mammon then claims he's coming down with something but Belphegor thinks that the sudden lack of enthusiasm comes from Mammon's lack of money.

"You got your hands on it, right?"

During the auction, MC was able to win storyboard art for "Ultrawitch✩Rainbow-chan" or a book titled "The Encyclopedia of the Beginning." If MC wins the encyclopedia, Mammon tells MC that they didn't have to bid on it, because Satan could have gotten them one for a better price. Then the Hellfire Rose is presented, and the brothers get serious, as they notice that all the other attendants are also interested in the Rose. MC is able to start bidding at 100,000 Grimm, 100,000,000 Grimm, or 5000 Grimm. If the MC chooses anything less than 100,000,000 Grimm then the brothers aren't impressed and they have to bid more.

"What's going on with Barbatos?!"

On Jill's Day, the group goes to the Demon Lord's Castle to present the Hellfire Rose. Diavolo and Barbatos are both very impressed with the gift. Diavolo is thrilled to see the Rose, because he hasn't handled one in centuries. Barbatos decides that the petals of the Hellfire Rose will make an exquisite tea, so he takes one of the roses to the kitchen. Once Barbatos leaves, Diavolo mentions that he's happy Barbatos is so excited. After the party, MC returns to their room, where they are visited by Lucifer, who has come to give them a present. Belphegor and Mammon show up shortly after, and for the same reason. After MC chooses one of the presents to accept, Belphegor mentions that Sir Black's anniversary is next month, and the group realizes they'll have a hard time finding another gift on par with the Hellfire Rose.

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