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The Sleepy Detective Devilgram.png
The Sleepy Detective
Intimacy: Belphegor Lv. 7
Card: The Sleepy Detective
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"He doesn't seem very motivated..."

Luke visits the House of Lamentation looking for the rumored "Great Detective." Luke asks to meet him, and Belphegor wakes up from sleeping on the couch, surprising Luke. Luke tells Belphie that he's worried about Simeon going out each night without telling him what's going on. He even attempted to follow him at one point, but he was caught.

Luke worries that Simeon's been seduced by an evil with or demon, and asks the Great Detective for help. Later, low on motivation for taking the case, Belphie asks his assistant MC to do something "nice" for him. MC has the option to either kiss him or "punish" him, in which MC tickles him until he agrees to take the case.

"A date with Asmo?"

Belphie and MC decide to follow Simeon. While waiting for him to come out, Belphie sleeps on MC's shoulder after asking them to wake him up once Simeon leaves. Once he does, MC wakes Belphie up and they both follow him. Simeon meets Asmodeus, and after a short conversation they go into a cafe. Belphie doesn't think they have any romantic relationship, as Simeon addressed Asmo like they hadn't seen each other in a while. Eventually the two part, although Simeon doesn't appear to return to Purgatory Hall. Belphie and MC keep following him.

"No, it's a date with Solomon?"

Belphie asks MC if they think that Simeon is the type to have a secret lover. Belphie then spots him talking to Solomon, but he suspects the meeting wasn't planned. After a while, Belphie gets bored waiting for them and asks MC to pretend to be on a date with him to help blend in with the crowd. While doing so, Belphie loses sight of Simeon and Solomon.

When he and MC are about to go and find Simeon, Solomon stops them and asks what they were doing. Belphie says that they were just on a walk, but Solomon calls Belphie out on, saying that they were spying on their conversation. Belphie lies to Solomon, saying that MC and he were practicing tailing someone, Simeon being their target. Solomon believes this, and Belphie asks him something.

"Luke, you can do it!"

At the Demon Lord's Castle, Belphie spots Simeon and Barbatos together, laughing and talking, and asks MC what they think this means. Simeon and Barbatos then leave, and MC and Belphie follow them to Barbatos's room. Belphie knocks and lets himself in. Simeon is embarrassed to be caught out, saying that he even took a detour as he thought someone was following him. Belphie spells out the situation, saying that Simeon had been coming to Barbatos so that he could try out some of his cake, as it was Luke's birthday soon. Simeon asks Belphie to keep this a secret.

Later, in Belphie's room, he asks MC if he lived up to his name as the Great Detective and asks for a reward. Luke interrupts them, banging on the door, asking Belphie what he had found. Belphie tells Luke that Simeon's secret lover is Barbatos.

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