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The Voice of an Angel
Intimacy: Not required
Card: The Voice of an Angel
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Even Fido has a talent li..."

In the classroom, Satan tells MC that since there is no student council work today, he's planning to head back. He asks about their plans but before they can answer, Satan spots Luke. He finds it strange that Luke is all alone. If MC asks if Luke is depressed, then Satan guesses that he's suffering from heatstroke. They decide to check on him and Luke shows them the musical score he has. Luke is preparing for the upcoming singing contest RAD is going to host. He is determined to win a prize and show all the demons the beauty of an angel's voice. Satan explains to MC that the winner of the contest is assigned a professional music teacher for a year which opens up all sorts of career opportunities. Luke says he doesn't care about that but he has to win because Michael and Simeon are cheering him on.

"Satan isn't that bad."

Satan tells Luke that he's looking forward to his performance and notes that the set piece for this year's contest is “The Demon King's Flute.” According to Satan, it's a challenging song but Luke insists that he's been practicing. Satan asks Luke why he's so defensive and Luke confesses that he only sings as a hobby and has never taken any professional lessons.

"I'll make some soup that..."

Satan suggests that Luke should just relax and sing like he always does since he's talented already. Luke doesn't trust Satan but Satan reminds him that Michael also believes in him. MC also offers their encouragement and Luke finds the motivation to practice. MC later finds Luke in the courtyard to bring him a cough drop or an energy drink. After he accepts their offering, Luke tells MC that he's ready for the contest tomorrow.

"Michael was in a good mood."

The contest is being held in RAD's auditorium. MC and Satan go to watch Luke's performance. Luke says he's a little nervous but he's practiced as much as he could so whatever happens, he'll be okay. Satan and MC meet up with Luke after the contest to congratulate him on his win. Luke thanks them for their help and tells MC that he'll sing for them again sometime. He knows some songs from the human world so he can take requests.

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