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What Luke Really Wants
Intimacy: Luke Lv. 5
Card: What Luke Really Wants
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"You always think of the stup..."

In town, MC runs into Mammon and he tells them that he has something to show them. He brings them to a crane game, where Leviathan is already trying to win a prize. As they watch Leviathan put more coins in the machine, Mammon reveals that he's the one who owns the game. He had it sent in from the human world and stole his brothers' things to fill the machine with prizes. As Leviathan continues to struggle with the crane, Mammon notices that Luke is staring at the machine. When asked what he's looking at, Luke denies wanting one of the stuffed animals inside.

"There's no food in it?"

Mammon asks MC if they can say something to Luke, claiming that he's in the way. MC approaches Luke and can either encourage Luke to try to win a prize himself or offer to give it a try for him. Luke declines MC's offer and decides that he can do it himself. When he tells MC that he's not very good at crane games, Leviathan overhears and offers to teach Luke how to play as a birthday present. As Luke tries the machine, he ends up dropping his prize, even though the technique was supposed to be perfect. Leviathan suspects that the machine is rigged but Mammon denies changing the settings. Luke doesn't believe him so he pulls MC and Leviathan aside to speak to them privately.

"Look how alert Luke is."

Luke approaches Mammon and asks if it's true that all the prizes belong to his brothers. Mammon says yes and Luke asks if that includes Lucifer. Mammon says that those are the best prizes in the machine because everything Lucifer owns is super rare. Luke smiles and tells Mammon that MC has Lucifer on speakerphone. After Mammon runs away, it's revealed that the whole thing was a trick and Lucifer isn't really coming. Leviathan is excited to change the settings on the machine now that Mammon's gone. MC can suggest that they just take the stuff out, however, both Leviathan and Luke would rather actually play, or that they make the machine free to play. Leviathan agrees that setting the machine to be free is a good idea and puts it on the easiest settings. Now Luke and Leviathan are ready to win some prizes.

"Is this a secret party?"

Some time later, Luke, MC, and Leviathan return to Purgatory Hall and tell Simeon and Solomon about their day. They brought back all the stuffed animals from the machine, explaining that they took turns playing to win every single prize. Luke tells MC and Leviathan that they have some cakes in the kitchen and invites them to stay over to have some. After Luke leaves to prepare some tea, Simeon asks Leviathan and MC if they'd mind helping him with something. When Luke comes back, he is surprised to see that his friends have decorated the room with the stuffed animals. The five of them sit down to enjoy the cakes and tea as another celebration of Luke's birthday.

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