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What Sort of Cake?
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 3
Mammon Lv. 3
Satan Lv. 5
Card: What Sort of Cake?
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary


Diavolo is honoring a thesis written by Belphegor regarding human good, evil, and stupidity, congratulating him for writing what would be considered enlightening for future generations. In the House of Lamentation, Beelzebub suggests everyone does something to celebrate Belphie. Mammon agrees, adding that it would lift his gloomy spirit. All unanimously approve the idea, and Beel mentions he'd like to surprise him before he returns from the media interviews.

"Out of all people, t..."

Satan asks what the plan is, and Lucifer asks Beelzebub what type of celebration he had in mind. Beel replies that he wants something to make Belphegor happy, and Satan remarks that the idea is vague. Mammon interrupts, telling them it doesn't have to be difficult, and suggests a cake. He says if they all work together to make an original cake, then Belphie would love it. Leviathan comments that it's not really a creative idea, to which Asmodeus responds that it's sweet, coming from Mammon. The rest agree to the idea, and when asked about what type of cake, Lucifer tells them to go all out when selecting ingredients.

"No horsing aroun..."

Satan and Beelzebub are looking at a giant slab of sponge cake, and the former proposes the first layer to be strawberries and whipped cream, then the second dark chocolate-flavored, since it's more fun with two flavors. Beel likes the idea, since the cake will be bigger, and Asmodeus considers adding two or more layers to post online. Leviathan suggests adding a bunch of decoration for fun and excitement, and Mammon responds by placing a Ruri-chan figure on top. Enraged, Levi turns into his demon form, and Mammon laughs saying that every good cake has a figure, and that Levi shouldn't bring it to the kitchen in the first place. Levi begins throwing kitchen knives at him. Asmo asks what to do about them, and Lucifer tells him to leave them.

"Nice idea!"

Lucifer tells Beelzebub to move the cake and start decorating it after adding more whipped cream, and Asmodeus worriedly asks Satan if it's okay to ignore Leviathan and Mammon. Satan responds that Levi will calm down soon, and that the figurine is a potential hostage. Levi grabs part of the cake to throw at Mammon, but Lucifer ends up in line of fire and gets hit in his face. Switching to demon form, he orders Mammon to come with him. Confused, Mammon follows. Beel points out the now obliterated cake, and Levi apologizes. Asmo suggests they start over, while Levi offers to go out and buy another, but Beel laments that it wouldn't be their own. Satan proposes making a sushi cake instead. They conclude that it's a perfect idea, since Belphegor loves sushi, the cake is more creative and fun, and that a nitwit suggested making a regular cake.

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