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You Are Evil
Intimacy: Solomon Lv. 7
Card: You Are Evil
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"I wish I could have gone."

In the Demon Lord's Castle, with Barbatos's help Solomon sets up a tabletop RPG session. Diavolo wanted to participate, but had work to do. However, Leviathan, Beelzebub and Belphegor arrived. The twins didn't know why they were invited, but are okay with the game. Solomon decides to be the Game Master, and starts the session. Everyone pulls a card to decide their roles. Solomon ends up as a Magician, MC as a Mysterious Spy, and Levi as a Water Master. He asks if he can summon Lotan, but Barbatos doesn't allow that. Barbatos gets the role of the group's Boss, Beel becomes a Burly Warrior, and Belphie is a Hypnotist. Solomon explains the premise of the session: an alternate Devildom where the players are the secret society protecting demonkind from the True Evil which hides among them. The game of "You Are Evil" starts.

"Solomon, you're so into it!"

To let them immerse into the game more, Solomon casts an illusion that makes it look like they are in the game world - namely the secret society's headquarters. Levi rolls the dice and reads in the rulebook the explanation. He's startled, but explains that he doesn't belong to the secret society, and instead has different reasons to be there. Solomon doesn't explain his mission, and MC rolls the dice next. Solomon asks them for a word, and it turns out they both received a secret mission to find the second traitor within the society. Belphie and Beel roll their missions, too. Belphie needs to find a trustworthy partner and attack a suspicious person next. Beel then accidentally reads his instructions aloud, revealing he's not the True Evil. Belphie decides that Levi is the True Evil, attacking him with Beel and hypnotizing him. Solomon tells MC that Belphie is suspicious, and starts their mission.

"What's the big deal?"

Solomon frees Levi by teleporting Belphie to another location, and sends MC to their spy mission. Belphie doesn't reveal if he's the True Evil, and because he doubts MC, he hypnotizes them into becoming a helpless puppet. Solomon comes to MC's aid, but is too late to prevent it. However, the spell can be undone with trust. MC is freed from the spell by him, since he trusts MC. After they're back to the headquarters, Solomon prepares vials with poison that will effect only a certain type of character. Barbatos and Levi refuse to drink it, and Solomon says that is equal to a confession that they're the True Evil and the Traitor.

"I can't hate this game."

Beel notices that the potion is supposed to find the Traitor only. Barbatos confesses to have been the True Evil, and then shares the sad backstory of his character. He reveals that Levi's loyalty has changed his ways, and he regrets leading Levi astray. So he confessed to protect Levi, who is so moved that he starts to wipe his nose on Belphie's clothes. MC rolls the dice for their final mission and unlocks the special ability of cleansing, available only if their character survives until the confession. They are able to cleanse the evil without the True Evil having to be destroyed. After the game, everyone is sharing heartwarming feelings. Later, Solomon reveals that the game has a hidden scenario: if the True Evil isn't found, but MC expresses their trust in Solomon, their characters would become happy lovers in the world dominated by the evil.

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