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A Fellow Tea Enthusiast Devilgram.png
A Fellow Tea Enthusiast
Intimacy: Barbatos Lv. 5
Card: A Fellow Tea Enthusiast
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"I'd like to go too."

Lord Diavolo and MC are having tea in the garden of the Demon Lord's Castle. Barbatos offers them a refill, and Lord Diavolo wants the Hellfire Rose tea. Unfortunately, however, they're out of this specific blend due to a party the other day. Barbatos says it's one of Lord Diavolo's favorite tea blends, but is difficult to acquire. The shop is far away, too. Barbatos suggests that MC could accompany him to the shop. Diavolo encourages MC to go, as it's a chance to learn more about the Devildom.

"Tea is profound."

In the train, Barbatos tells MC where their seats are. He explains that it'll take a few hours to reach the destination. Barbatos is thrilled about the trip, and tells MC that the trip is one of the highlights of his schedule, as it's a chance to discover new tea blends from faraway regions. MC can then choose to ask him about his favorite tea. If MC comments on his love for the beverage, Barbatos tells them that Lord Diavolo has told him he's a walking tea encyclopedia. He expresses that he only wishes to serve his lord delicious tea, but tea is more fascinating the more you know, and shows MC his guidebook. Once they leave the train and head to the tea shop, Barbatos tells MC that time really flows fast when MC is with him.

"Hellfire Roses are expensive, right?"

Barbatos purchases the needed tea blends, and secures an extra amount because it's Diavolo's favorite. He also buys some for MC to share with others in the House of Lamentation. If MC is concerned about the price, Barbatos ensures them that the tea is worth it, and mentions that Lucifer and Satan in particular would definitely appreciate the taste. Barbatos then spots a new tea blend, and buys some for himself. If it turns out good, he intends to share it with MC on their next visit. Once he's finished with the shopping, Barbatos invites MC for supper in a nearby exquisite restaurant.

"Put it on Devilgram!"

In the restaurant, Barbatos thanks MC for accompanying him. He explains that this day has been special for him, as they don't have many chances to spend time together, seeing as MC is usually surrounded by the demon brothers. On the way back to the station, Barbatos mentions he's feeling bold, and suggests a photo together. If they take the photo, Barbatos promises to treasure it. Back in the Demon Lord's Castle, Barbatos is immediately greeted by Diavolo, who notices that Barbatos enjoyed his date. Diavolo is glad to see Barbatos so relaxed, and Barbatos offers him his favorite Hellfire Rose tea.

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