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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"Simeon seems troubled la..."

Magic Chess seems to have taken over the Devildom in its hype, and Mammon discusses with MC how he could best rake in Grimm from lesser-demons using the game. Simeon politely interrupts and asks MC if they would like to meet him after school, as he was hoping they'd help him with something. Later that day, MC meets Simeon together with Mammon, who tagged along, and Simeon explains that he needs MC to help him by getting Lucifer to put on his Magic Chess outfit again.

"I'd hate being controlled l..."

It seems when Simeon told Michael about the chess tournament he became adamant to see Lucifer in said outfit. Since Lucifer doesn't just dress up for any reason, they need to create one and then take a picture, and Mammon immediately comes up with a plan. Simeon is incredibly grateful that they would do this favor for him. They find Lucifer in the music room and to their bafflement, Mammon directly asks Lucifer for a picture.

"Lucifer did what...?!"

Mammon smoothly lies that the RAD Newspaper Club wants to make a write-up on the magic chess event that happened with the people that were in it. MC goes along with the lie, as does Simeon, with some difficulty. To everyone's surprise, Lucifer easily agrees and redresses into his chess outfit.

"Can I have this photo?"

Quickly, Simeon takes a few pictures, with some help from Mammon since he can't quite navigate the camera app. However, once they are done, Lucifer insists they tell him the REAL reason they were taking the pictures. Since Lucifer knew all along there was an ulterior motive, yet still acted along, Simeon told him what the real reason was. Lucifer says that he doesn't mind the pictures for Simeon, but he does however, mind the ones Mammon took and forcibly deletes them. A few days later, Simeon approaches MC again asking for their assistance. Since he sent the pictures, Micheal has been blowing up his phone, and he doesn't know how to turn the dinging off.

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