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A Very Catty Birthday Devilgram.png
A Very Catty Birthday
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 5
Card: A Very Catty Birthday
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"What are you hiding?"

Satan greets MC and requests assistance in opening the door, as his arms are full. After MC does so, he asks if they were wondering about the items he's carrying. He explains that they are newly released books he just purchased, along with cat food and toys. He asks MC to help carry the cat toys for him to his room. Once there, Satan explains they are toys for the cats that wander into the garden. He invites MC to come with him. In the garden, Satan points out a regular visitor to MC, and calls to the cat, but the cat dashes off. Satan thinks something happened, and decides to follow it.

"Loved by many cats."

Satan calls to MC as he hunts for the cat. He spots it with a big group of other cats, and wonders if it's a cat meeting. Satan and MC decide to get closer. After apologizing to the cats for intruding, Satan starts pointing out various cats to MC as he greets each one of them by name. Satan explains to MC that he talks to the cats in that spot regularly, so they recognize him. He also tells the cats he is glad they all trust him so much, before suddenly realizing he's seen them all in the garden lately. As Satan wonders why they are all gathered together, someone suddenly intrudes.

"Satan is popular!"

An unknown speaker says that they have him right where they wanted him, and that the "plan" was a success. To Satan's surprise, Solomon appears, greeting him and MC. Satan asks what he's doing there, and Solomon reassures him he meant no harm. He explains that he told the cats about Satan's birthday coming up when they asked. The cats invited Satan over so they could celebrate his birthday. Satan asks if it's true, and thanks the cats just as more appear. MC declares it the best party, and Satan agrees as he plays with the cats. Solomon then reminds Satan that the cats are not the only ones who wish to celebrate his birthday with him, taking Satan by surprise.

"I am glad you are happy."

Solomon brings MC and Satan to the Devildom's very first cat cafe. Simeon and Luke are also there waiting for them. Satan thanks them, then Solomon points out the most popular cat in the cafe. Simeon mentions there is even a cat cake, and is amused as he says Satan's icy glare seems to have melted. Solomon is pleased at the success of the cat cafe party. Satan asks how they managed a reservation, as it was booked full for the entire year, but Solomon reveals they got it via a connection. Diavolo and Barbatos appear then, wishing Satan a happy birthday. Barbatos explains they reserved the cafe just for Satan. Satan thanks him, and Diavolo reveals he is a fellow cat lover. Satan is soon buried in cats who are clamoring to be fed or to play with him.

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