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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"They never lent it to me..."

After the events of the Terrible Time Trouble Pop Quiz, Lucifer is given the chest of magic hourglasses for a few days as a reward for helping to gather them. He explains this to MC when they come to visit him in his room later that night. When they give him a questioning look, he admits that he does have something he wants to use them for.

"What a fascinating hourglass."

Lucifer goes on to explain to MC that the hourglass he has been considering using has the power to grant wishes. The only catch is that it does not grant an asked wish, but rather goes into the user's mind to grant a potentially unconscious desire. Lucifer admits that MC is one of the few people who he wouldn't mind knowing his deepest wish, and proves as much by using it in their presence.

"Lucifer appears to be quite ex..."

After the last grain of sand drops in the hourglass, Lucifer and MC are disappointed to find that nothing seems to have happened. They decide to simply wait and see, and the conversation instead turns their plans for tomorrow, in which they will have time to themselves to do whatever they'd like. After leaving Lucifer's room, MC runs into Raphael in the hall, who wants to invite them and Lucifer to have some tea. He and MC head back toward Lucifer's room to find the door ajar. They see him inside pondering the seemingly broken hourglass, and excitedly planning what he and MC should do tomorrow, so they leave him be.

"I bet we've been pulled into..."

The next day, Lucifer and MC are spending the day together getting various snacks during a walk, and attending a movie. He walks them home to Cocytus Hall, and then they part ways. Before MC can enter the building, however, they are teleported back to the streets of the Devildom, where Lucifer is talking about the snacks just as before. The day either progresses the same as before, or MC can insist on a change, and after their parting that night, the same loop starts again.

This time, both of them are aware of the magic time loop they are stuck in, and deduce that the secret wish the hourglass granted was giving Lucifer more time with MC. Lucifer attempts to appeal to the hourglass to undo its magic, as it deviated from what he wanted, but this results in the hourglass expanding and trapping him inside. With Barbatos's help, Lucifer is freed, and time finally starts moving again.

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