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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"Perhaps I should've joined too."

In class, Belphegor tells MC that RAD was invited to the Three-Legged Crow Group's motor show and that they have a student competition as well. He asks if MC is going to sign up and MC can either complain that it sounds like a lot of work or ask if there is a prize. Belphegor is only interested in the competition because of the prize. For the design award, the prize is a new experimental Devildom-made telescope prototype. Belphegor wants MC's help because it would take too long to do it by himself and MC can either reluctantly agree or enthusiastically agree. Either way, Belphegor is happy and invites them to go stargazing when they win.

"No everything goes smoothly."

At the House of Lamentation, Belphegor and MC discuss the rules of the competition. They are to use the provided blueprint template to create a new design and build a mockup which they will then present to the organizers. MC is confused about the instructions, so Belphegor explains that a mockup refers to a full-size model. Belphegor tells them the organizers are looking for new ideas to incorporate into their products which means their design has to be good. He asks MC what they should do for their skateboard and MC can suggest they focus on appearances or ask if they should make a flying one. Belphegor is impressed with their idea and either way, they decide to make a flying skateboard.

After they finish the prototype, Belphegor and MC go outside to test it. MC uses their magic to make it float and then Belphegor gives it a push. Unfortunately, one of the parts falls off and Belphegor is disappointed that it broke so quickly.

"He really worked hard on it."

Belphegor contemplates what they should do because just having it float is good enough for the exhibition but the lack of durability will be a problem during their presentation. Belphegor and MC decide that they should build a real board since that will make them stand out among the competition.

"That was a bold decision!"

The day before the competition, Belphegor and MC are still working on their board. Belphegor apologizes for making them pull an all-nighter but as a result, they are almost done with their board. The new board should be durable so now MC has to cast the spell to make it fly. Once they do and the board is complete, the two of them end up falling asleep. MC wakes up in a panic and wakes up Belphie too because they need to hurry and turn their skateboard in before the deadline. On the way, Belphegor tells MC that the telescope can be used to see part of the Human World sky from the Devildom and that's the main reason why he wanted to join the competition. They make it to the showroom on time and Belphegor is confident about their ability to win the competition.

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