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An Elegant Tea Party
Intimacy: Not required
Card: An Elegant Tea Party
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Normie event alert!"

MC meets Simeon on their way to Purgatory Hall - they're delivering a package from Lucifer. Since the opportunity presented itself, Simeon invites MC to the picnic that he and others have scheduled for later. Luke and Solomon spot them and join the conversation. They both encourage MC to accept the invitation.

"Today's sweet are the be..."

As the group finds a good picnic spot, Luke lays out the blanket, and Solomon sets up a table smoothly. MC wonders if they're used to picnics or come there often, but turns out that it's their first picnic. They have been having tea parties in the courtyard at Purgatory Hall, however. The picnic was Simeon's idea and Luke wasn't really keen to go to a Devildom forest, but went along with the plan and prepared accordingly. The picnic starts.


Solomon decides to go on a walk. He reassures Luke who was worried about possible dangers, that he can handle whatever he might encounter. Simeon tells MC that they're free to pass the time as they please since no one really has any settled plans. He himself is going to read a little. MC has a choice to comment on that or ask him what he's reading. Simeon mentions that he read that deeper in the forest there are caves with dangerous monsters, which scares Luke. Simeon claims it's safe as long as they don't disturb wildlife, but Luke isn't convinced and asks if MC is afraid, but since they aren't, he denies that he's scared. Yet, he still freaks out at a stronger gust of wind.

"Good thing Luke wasn't eaten.."

While Solomon is on his walk, Luke wants to start the sandwiches he was looking forward to. Simeon points out that Luke is trying to distract himself from fear, but Luke denies this. He says he's a proud angel, and there's no way he'd lose to some demon wildlife. As they're about to start their sandwiches, a burst of magic appears, and Solomon comes back. He fends off some huge animal, which turns out to be an enormous crow that targeted Luke. Simeon assumes that it was hungry, but not hostile. If MC is worried about the crow coming back, Simeon promises to protect them and Luke in case of any danger. If MC isn't worried, Luke is so Simeon tells him to just feed it a sandwich. They then resume their picnic.

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