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Story Summary

Note: This Devilgram's story content is identical in both "Obey Me!" and "Nightbringer."

"A new perspective can be qu..."

At the House of Lamentation, Beelzebub tells MC how he heard that Diavolo constructed an alternate dimension based on a Human World beach in the Demon Lord's Castle. He has an important fangol game coming up, and would like to ask if he can use it for practice. The two head to the castle, where Diavolo agrees to let them use it, but only in exchange for a favor. Barbatos hints that the favor is something Beelzebub would find enjoyable, and the four enter the door to the beach dimension as Beel becomes excited by the prospect of food.

"Beel wanted to hang out too."

Diavolo and Barbatos tell the two to enjoy themselves while they finish up some preparations. MC and Beelzebub change into their bathing suits, and decide to test the water first. MC shoots Beel with a water gun, and they shoot back and forth at each other for a while. After that, they decide to go swimming. MC swims out to Beel, but if they're not a strong swimmer, he holds their hands and helps them paddle out into the ocean. If they are, he is impressed by their form, and asks for a race. Afterwards, Beel says he should probably start training.

"Quite an effective way to pra..."

Beelzebub wants to play beach volleyball next, and explains that receiving the ball will help train his reflexes. He tells MC to be tough with their serves so he will improve. MC uses magic to shoot the ball hard and fake him out, but he returns all the shots and compliments them on their skills. After practicing passing, Beelzebub starts to get hungry. He picks up the scent of some food being cooked, and the two decide to check it out, since he can't train on an empty stomach.

"The food around the beach is..."

The two discover a food stall that Diavolo and Barbatos have built on the beach. Diavolo reveals that he would like MC and Beelzebub to be taste-testers of the Human World dishes made by Barbatos to see if it suits the tastes of the Devildom. They accept, and Beel tries either a kabob or a sausage and loves it. After they eat, Beel tells MC that he's going to recommend they include every single dish. He offers MC dessert, and they either eat popsicles together, or order more fried noodles to share. After the meal, Beel realizes that he forgot all about the original reason he came here: to practice fangol. However, he says that he'd rather hang out with MC for a little longer, and that he can practice afterwards.

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