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Let's Party
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Card: Let's Party
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Levi is drenched."

Asmodeus asks if everyone has a party cracker ready before wishing Mammon a happy birthday. The others chorus together after him and pop the crackers to Mammon's joy. Mammon expresses surprise at seeing Simeon who replies that the angels and Solomon wanted to celebrate with him. Luke attempts to deny his anticipation saying they had no choice but Solomon reveals that Luke even circled the date on the calendar. Satan then asks Mammon to pass over a glass so he can pour him some Gold Demonus. Mammon shakes the Demonus and Asmo declares it a real party as an unseen person states that everyone looks like they are having fun to Mammon’s surprise.

"Be grateful."

The surprise speaker is Diavolo who apologizes for being late and wishes Mammon a happy birthday. Barbatos chimes in as well, to Mammon's complete joy. Barbatos explains both he and Diavolo were held up by official duties but Diavolo worked hard to get everything done. Diavolo replies that one can throw a party anytime but today (meaning Mammon's birthday) is special. MC tells Mammon he is so loved by everyone. Diavolo states that it's too bad he and Barbatos missed the piñata and asks Mammon if he got a surprise when the coins fell out. Mammon states he had hoped for real coins but he still liked the surprise. He then asks whose idea it was.

"Such a warm letter."

Lucifer joins the conversation, telling Mammon the piñata was MC idea and that its a tradition in the human world while Belphegor informs them that Beelzebub thought to stuff the piñata full of chocolate coins. Beel agrees, saying that he sampled lots of chocolate to find the perfect one. Mammon says that must be the reason the chocolate tasted so good. Satan then adds that the letters were MC's idea. Here, MC can choose to ask if Mammon liked the letters. He thanks MC and declares he's very happy and gives MC a big hug. MC can then choose to kiss his cheek or wrap their arms around him. Asmodeus asks them to stop showing off while Leviathan talks about his letter. Mammon thanks Levi for the various photos of Goldie and expresses appreciation, knowing it took a lot of work. Mammon also thanks Lucifer for his coffee and Satan for his poem. He goes on to thank Beel for his sandwich and Belphie's offer to nap with him (his gifts from each brother).

"Beelzebub ate most of it."

Barbatos interrupts apologetically, as it's time for their surprise. Barbatos and Luke made a special cake together, and Mammon is awed at its size. Belphegor tells Beelzebub he cannot eat until Mammon has a slice as Solomon points out the cake looks divine. Luke urges Mammon to eat. MC can offer to feed it to him. Asmodeus expresses jealousy at this but Lucifer reminds him its Mammon's special day. Mammon declares the cake, already delicious, tastes better with MC feeding him. Everyone then partakes. Barbatos saves a piece for Lucifer, who refuses it until he and MC have given the last letters to Mammon. MC's letter says "Open this when we're alone" and Lucifer's "Open it now." Lucifer's letter tells Mammon he'll buy Mammon whatever his heart desires, but only for today. Mammon decides to leave immediately and go shopping.

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