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Seven Rulers of Hell (Satan)
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 8
Card: Seven Rulers of Hell (Satan)
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"A DATE?!"

Satan is done running an errand for Lord Diavolo with MC in the human world, as he's the minor errands boy, and since Lucifer and Barbatos are busy. He complains that it's a pain, but he's forced to accept it. He suggests a detour somewhere nice with MC and takes them to a place he likes.

"This bookstore has a ni..."

Satan and MC are now in a bookstore, and when asked, he explains that it's a special bookstore. Even though it's not that big, it sells good books, has great featured selections, and supplies the types of books he likes. MC has the option to inquire about what type of books Satan likes, whether he'll buy something, and whether they have works by his favorite authors. Satan goes on to ask what MC likes to read, and depending on their answer, he offers to have a long, reading night with them. He then remembers one more place he'd like to go.

"It's perfect! Just like the sev..."

Satan takes MC to a library, and comments that it doesn't compare to the ones in the Devildom. The library is empty, which he finds perfect as it means they can have some privacy. However, a sudden noise signals that the library had just shut down. Satan had misremembered the closing time, and the pair is now locked inside.

"I can't imagine not eat..."

Satan realizes that the two will have to stay until the library opens up the next day, and he comments that they may as well read. He suggests that each one picks out books for the other, and MC has the option to choose from titles such as "How to Tidy Up Like a Pro," "How to Get Along Great with Someone You Hate," and "Love's Winding Road." Satan in turn recommends "An Exhaustive History of the World," "Angels and Demons: A Collection of Pictures," and "Projecting Perfection: How to Hide Your Faults." Satan concedes that back in the House of Lamentation, someone's always in trouble or being loud, but in this library, he can sit with no distractions all night along, and alone with MC.

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