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Wish for Adventure Devilgram.png
Wish for Adventure
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: Wish for Adventure
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Beelzebub did what?!"

Satan asks Beelzebub what he wants for his birthday - Leviathan and Asmodeus suggest large quantities of food, but Beel wants to spend time with MC without interruptions. Satan however points out that's a request for MC and the rest of them want to do something for him too. On the day of his birthday, Beel wonders what his present will be as Satan said they'd take care of everything. Beel wonders if they're going to organize a gym in the House of Lamentation. He's soon messaged by Satan who wants him to come to the entrance hall. Before he goes, Beel slides a birthday letter under Belphie's pillow.

"Where are they going?"

On the day of the twins' birthday, Satan and Asmodeus give Beelzebub a backpack and a map and send him (and MC since they go with Beel) on a trip to the place marked on a map, but they don't give any details on what he's going to find there. Later on the way, Beel asks MC if they're getting tired since he noticed that he's walking is faster than usual. If they're exhausted, he slows down and starts paying more attention to his pace. If they're okay with the pace, he shares some candy with them. Soon Beel and MC arrive at their destination.

"I'm no use, so it's impos..."

The destination that was marked on the map that Beelzebub and MC received, turns out to be a huge cliff. If MC suggests getting on top of it with magic, Beel informs them teleportation is not possible without Lucifer. However, there is climbing gear in the backpack, and Beel promises to keep them safe, so they climb the cliff. As they do, MC loses their footing but Beel catches them. On top of the cliff, Beel - hungry and tired - checks the backpack for food, but much to his distress, finds none.

"How very dapper."

Beelzebub is panicking because he didn't find any food in the backpack, but MC gives him the sandwiches they had - either made by themself or by Belphegor. After Beel has finished the sandwiches, Satan calls him and tells him to check out the view from the cliff. Beel does and notices that the lights across the town make a happy birthday message. Belphie takes the phone from Satan to tell Beel that he found the birthday letter Beel left for him. If MC told Beel earlier that the sandwiches were Belphie's gift, Beel thanks him for that as well. Once Beel finishes the phone call, he expresses how great his birthday is, and MC can decide either to stay a bit longer or go back.

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