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A Fly-by Scoop! Devilgram.png
A Fly-by Scoop!
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 5
Card: A Fly-by Scoop!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Let me know if you take an..."

Leviathan and MC are together at RAD when they spot Mephistopheles sneaking around. Leviathan asks what he's doing, but Mephistopheles yells at him to keep it down. Leviathan then mentions he saw Lucifer pass this way, and asks why Mephistopheles is following him. Mephistopheles explains he's looking for "the next big scoop" for the RAD Newspaper. Leviathan has an idea, and shows Mephistopheles the drone model he recently purchased. He's sure Lucifer wouldn't notice the drone, and MC can either agree it's a good idea, or worry about Lucifer getting mad.

"This sure is intriguing, that..."

Leviathan pilots his drone into RAD's library, but Mephistopheles points out Lucifer is only reading. They then see Satan approach Lucifer, and the drone picks up their conversation about Satan checking out a book for Lucifer that he knew he'd be looking for. Leviathan thinks this is a "crazy big scoop," to which MC can agree, or question if this is newsworthy. Either way, Mephistopheles states this is isn't the story he's looking for, but then Leviathan notices that Lucifer disappeared.

"Will you be able to go out..."

The trio look for Lucifer, but can't find him, so Leviathan suggests trying to "dig up some dirt" on someone else instead. Mephistopheles agrees, and next they find Barbatos fixing up Luke's buttons in RAD's cafeteria. Mephistopheles doesn't consider this noteworthy either. Leviathan suggests interviewing one of the exchange students instead, but Mephistopheles says that's scheduled for another issue. They then spot Solomon and Thirteen in RAD's garden, and Solomon dodges the giant hammer Thirteen released as a trap for him. The scene gives Mephistopheles an idea.

"Buried in gold and silver!"

Leviathan asks Mephistopheles what's in the box he's holding, and he replies that opening the box grants a person's heart's desire. He thinks this will get a story from "how damning people's innermost wishes are." Leviathan wonders if the box will give him a life-sized Ruri-chan figure, and MC can either tell him not to open it, or say they want to try it themselves.

Either way, the trap is set up, then Belphegor arrives. He takes a notebook from the box, and Mephistopheles wonders if it holds Belphegor's secrets, so asks him to hand it over. Belphegor asks if Mephistopheles is "behind this," and wonders why he wants his magical history notes. Mephistopheles is surprised that's what the notebook holds, but Belphegor blames Mephistopheles for hiding his notes. While Mephistopheles tries to explain, Leviathan says he and MC should sneak away.

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