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A Slice of Paradise
Intimacy: Luke Lv. 5
Card: A Slice of Paradise
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"A small garden is just li..."

In the courtyard at RAD, MC and Satan meet up with Luke. They've all brought materials to make the little demons from the contest something they'll like. Specifically, Luke plans to build them a miniature garden for them to live in, given that they had previously tried to steal Luke's birthday cake decorations for a similar purpose.

"I wanted to join, too."

Satan begins to dismantle a crate to make the frame for the garden and Luke works on making a mini forest. MC can decide if they'll make a train station or a metered parking lot, however, the others both think that those aren't good ideas. Train tracks won't fit in the garden and the little demons don't have cars to put in the lot. As they continue working, Luke realizes that the three of them have a different vision for the project, based on their own homelands. Since they are making the garden for a group of demons, they decide that Satan likely knows best. After they finish, Luke wants to bring it to the little demons right away but Satan tells him to wait.

"A small world in the box?"

Satan starts to take the project apart so they can build a new one that's even better. Luke is shocked but Satan wants to add all the things they built to the final creation. Luke is concerned that this would make the garden inconsistent but Satan shows him how they can be arranged harmoniously. The trio also decides that they can make paper mache dolls of all their friends to live in the garden as well.

"I think I'll make one for..."

Luke arranges the members of Purgatory Hall in the Celestial Realm section of the garden so that they are having a tea party. He also aimlessly adds in some of the brothers, to Satan's dismay. The Lucifer and Diavolo dolls are playing chess together. MC's doll ends up going in the middle, next to Luke, depending on their choices. Satan and MC both decorate Luke's doll with birthday-themed items. They're almost finished with the garden but then they realize that with the added dolls, the garden is a bit cramped. They decide to make it bigger and the trio agrees that they could make gardens like this every time they celebrate an anniversary or something.

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