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Asmo Gives Back ♡ Devilgram.png
Asmo Gives Back ♡
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 7
Card: Asmo Gives Back ♡
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"That's not a devilish idea."

Asmodeus and MC are home alone. Asmo tells them that he wants to thank everyone else for putting in so much effort to make his birthday special. He has come up with a plan that will help him manifest the power of his charm to its full potential, make sure that his love is felt equally by all, and that can be a big surprise. He asks MC to be part of his staff for the special live stream, and determines that they must expand the staff while also keeping the plan secret from his brothers. However, Asmo is uncertain who else can be on the staff.

"It's a delicate feeling."

MC and Asmodeus decide to visit Purgatory Hall and recruit Simeon, Solomon, and Luke since those three are highly skilled and can keep a secret like their life depends on it. Simeon mentions that while finding a place to film shouldn't be an issue, hijacking the airwaves to put the program on TV might be. They realize that they might know someone who can help and pay a visit to the RAD Newspaper Club room. Mephistopheles demands something in return for his help, and MC can offer an interview with Lucifer, a signed photograph of Asmodeus, or say that they'll do anything. However, Mephisto is still not convinced, so Simeon tells Mephisto that he'll tell him an interesting story about Lucifer in the Celestial Realm, and Mephisto agrees to help.

"That was a bold move!"

In Asmodeus's bedroom, he tells MC that Mephistopheles has secured them a broadcast spot. Now they must decide what kind of program to do. MC can suggest a makeup tutorial, a singing program, or a fashion show and Asmo is pleased by any of the suggestions. Sometime later, Mammon is shocked to see Asmo on TV and yells for his brothers to come to the living room and watch the program. Meanwhile, Simeon, Luke, Solomon, and MC are helping Asmo with the broadcast. Asmo tells the viewers that he's backstage getting ready for his performance and answers some questions from the audience, while he puts on his makeup.

"It was a day full of Asmo."

Asmodeus shows the viewers his dressing room and tells them that he's going to take requests from the chat. As Asmodeus models outfits, Simeon notes that they're behind schedule and suggests that they move ahead to the performance. Asmo gets onstage to start the concert and thanks everyone for making his birthday so special. As Luke, Solomon, and Simeon read the comments, they notice that the chat got excited when Asmodeus's brothers, as well as Diavolo and Barbatos, sent some messages. After his performance, Asmodeus meets MC backstage and tells them that Simeon had gone to meet with Mephistopheles and that Solomon took Luke home to put him to bed. Asmo tells MC that the network has requested another show, but with all seven brothers this time, and asks them what they thought of today's program. Depending on MC's answer, Asmo asks if he can give them a kiss to show his gratitude.

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