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It's Lonely Being Me
Intimacy: Diavolo Lv. 7
Card: It's Lonely Being Me
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"What's happening?!"

It's time for a student council meeting but Beelzebub, Mammon, and Belphegor haven't shown up yet. Beelzebub arrives and tells everyone he can't find Belphie anywhere, even though he searched all of Belphie's favorite napping places. Depending on choice, Asmodeus backs him up by pointing out that during lunch break Belphie was planning to come to the meeting. Beel is worried because Belphie wouldn't just go somewhere without telling him. Leviathan claims that Mammon is probably just skipping the meeting, so Diavolo begins with their main topic of discussion: numerous missing persons in the Devildom. Diavolo thinks this may be related to Belphie's disappearance. Satan brings up the possibilities that the missing people were either kidnapped, like if in a mystery novel, or sacrificed, if it were a horror. Lucifer suggests splitting up to go search for clues.

"We got sucked in?!"

Diavolo shows MC a map of where each victim went missing and they decide to investigate the locations as the map itself doesn't show any pattern. Along with Barbatos, they visit the locations shown. Asmodeus and the others have checked in with Barbatos and have no leads - the missing people seem to have just simply disappeared. Diavolo asks MC if they notice anything helpful. Depending on the user's choice, either MC or Diavolo will note that there is a nearby manhole and was also a manhole at other location visited. Diavolo attempts to open the manhole, only to be met with a magical flash of light. Barbatos attempts to help them, but MC and Diavolo find themselves underground.

"I'm glad Belphie is okay."

Diavolo notices that it's a labyrinth that is expanding on its own and soon will be all over the Devildom. The adventure amuses him, to which MC points out that this needs to be taken care of. He agrees and decides to look for the heart of the labyrinth. During the search, they find Mammon - he tears up upon seeing them both as he was lost there for a long time and was afraid that he's not going to see them ever again. Upon hearing about missing people, he recollects having seen tracks, but is disheartened that Diavolo and MC don't know how to leave the labyrinth either. After a while they find Belphegor asleep, who explains he was sucked in by a manhole and took a nap since the place was nice and dark. He doesn't want to join their search and wants another nap but is given no choice.

"Maybe I should go too!"

Belphegor hears a sound and the group is attacked by vines that - according to Diavolo - are embodiment of the labyrinth itself. He parries the attack, but the vines target MC and drag them away. They pass out and end up in the heart of the labyrinth with Diavolo who followed them. MC chooses to stroke the vines which calms the vines or compare the sound of the wind to crying which Diavolo considers quite accurate since Lucifer just reported that it's not the first time that the labyrinth caused trouble. It wasn't visited in a long time so it grew lonely and resentful so its magic went wild. As Diavolo or MC suggest a party in the labyrinth, its magic subsides. During the next student council meeting everyone is present, but Diavolo's idea to throw a party in the labyrinth isn't liked by anyone.

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