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Peugeot's Birthday Devilgram.png
Peugeot's Birthday
Intimacy: Simeon Lv. 5
Card: Peugeot's Birthday
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"In a slump?"

Solomon offers to help Simeon when he goes grocery shopping after school at RAD. Simeon, distracted, doesn't respond. Solomon says something seems to be bothering him, but Simeon brushes it off as writer's block. MC suggests a change of pace, and Solomon suggests a short trip to the "Peugeot Birthday Extravaganza" in the Human World. This event is for fans of The Tale of the Seven Lords to celebrate their beloved author. Simeon knows of it, but wonders if it's okay for him to attend. Solomon thinks hearing directly from his fans might spark ideas for the latest installment of TSL, so Simeon decides to attend.

"I hope it will be a nice day."

Solomon announces their safe arrival on reaching the Human World. Simeon remarks that the air is so nostalgic, while Solomon notes they have to thank Diavolo for granting them passage for their "extracurricular activities." Simeon thanks Solomon and MC for accompanying him, to which Solomon replies that as a TSL fan, attending Peugeot's birthday event is a treat. While Simeon reads a map, Solomon admires a birthday banner wishing Christoper Peugeot a happy birthday, then points out an ad for the event on a screen nearby. Simeon is touched by the sheer scale of the event, having underestimated the popularity of TSL. Solomon jokes if his identity is revealed, he will start a riot.

"This feeling!"

The trio enter the bookstore hosting the event. Among the crowd is Leviathan, who comments that it's more crowded compared to last year. He then starts gushing about a limited edition badge, but stops mid-spiel when he's greeted by Simeon. Levi stutters before yelling Christopher Peugeot's name, but Solomon covers his mouth. Solomon will only release Levi if he keeps his voice down. MC expresses surprise at Levi's appearance, but Levi reveals he applied to go to the Human World the previous year, then asks if anyone wants to see the forms. He states there was insufficient space in "extra remarks", so he had to continue on the back. Solomon realizes the extravaganza is a series of panels, and marvels at how everyone is talking passionately about TSL. Levi points out the human speaking is a new author who started writing because TSL inspired him.

"Did you taste too much?"

Simeon realities he lost sight of the important things: it's not elaborate ideas or writing technique, but the love of telling a story. MC says it's a good thing Simeon came, and Simeon agrees. Leviathan laments the cheers at the end were too lukewarm, and he had more he wanted to say. Solomon points out the extravaganza is over. The organizers had escorted Levi out, but Levi still hasn't had enough. He says for TSL, even a week isn't enough, making Simeon laugh. Simeon asks if anyone is hungry just as Luke calls to say Simeon's birthday party is ready, and that they should head back. At Purgatory Hall, Luke wishes Simeon a happy birthday. Simeon is amazed by the decorations and feast, but Belphegor prompts him to hurry, or Beelzebub will eat everything.

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