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A Heartfelt Invitation
Intimacy: Luke Lv. 7
Card: A Heartfelt Invitation
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Serun is a bit of a klutz, huh?"

Luke is running late to class when he finds an envelope in the hallway. Meanwhile, Diavolo is in the middle of a student council meeting about the The Three Worlds Festival. Luke brings Diavolo the envelope but they aren't sure what it is because there isn't anything written on it. Diavolo guesses it's an invitation to TTWF because, even though all students are already invited, some students are inviting each other to TTWF on dates. Simeon suggests that it's possible whoever the envelope belongs to handed it directly to Serun, which is why it doesn't have an address, and that's when Raphael recognizes the envelope. They bring it to Mephistopheles in the RAD Newspaper Club office and Mephistopheles confirms that he had seen Serun with it earlier and tells MC that the envelope is for them.

"You've been busy and tired, right?"

In the classroom the next day, Luke comes to get MC so they can go together when they help with The Three Worlds Festival preparations. He asks MC how they plan to respond to the invitation they received since they don't know the student very well. After they answer, Luke takes MC to Barbatos's bedroom. He asks Barbatos if there are any errands he needs from the Human World. Barbatos does have some errands but he won't allow Luke to go to the human world without knowing why he wants to go in the first place. Luke doesn't want to say what his plans are specifically but he promises not to cause trouble so Barbatos agrees that Luke can go if MC accompanies him. While they are in the human world, they must also buy some tea to serve at TTWF.

"An excellent selection."

In the Human World, Luke and MC decide to look for the tea first. They are supposed to get a variety of tea from different countries so that there is plenty for everyone at The Three Worlds Festival to find something they'd like. After visiting a few different shops, Luke tells MC to wait for him as he runs off to buy something in secret. Later, in Purgatory Hall, Simeon, Solomon, and Raphael tell MC about how Luke has been holed up in his room ever since he's been back from the human world. Just then Luke comes out and asks MC to come to his room. He reveals that he's bought them a special invitation that's only sold in sorcery shops in the human world in order to ask them to go to TTWF with him. MC accepts the invitation and Luke declares that they better work hard so that the festival preparations are finished on time.

"It's a funny sight."

MC, Luke, and the other residents of Purgatory Hall are finishing up preparations for The Three Worlds Festival. To prepare themselves for the festival, they decide to go home and get to bed early. On their way back, Luke and MC stop at a park bench to chat and exchange gifts. MC gives Luke a bag of cookies and Luke gives MC a quill pen. Luke is excited for the festival tomorrow and hopes that they will make many fun memories together.

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