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A New Santa Is Born! Devilgram.png
A New Santa Is Born!
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Satan Lv. 3
Luke Lv. 3
Card: A New Santa Is Born!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"It'd be best to make a run for it."

In the House of Lamentation, Satan calls out to MC about how distraught Lucifer seems. MC can either choose to ignore or talk to Lucifer. Either way, Lucifer beckons them both over to his side and Satan scoffs in irritation. Lucifer reveals his troubles with MC and Satan about how Santa Claus is unable to deliver presents due to his reindeer going on strike and boycotting their duties. Even Satan is taken aback by how absurd the situation sounds, and Lucifer concours.

"It's not the worst bunch."

Lucifer, MC, and Satan discuss their plan to persuade the reindeer by recruiting someone to hopefully convince the reindeer to call off their strike. MC can either mention Asmodeus or Beelzebub as viable contenders, though the trio eventually settle on Luke and they fetch him from Purgatory Hall. Luke expresses great enthusiasm about the trip, while Solomon casts a spell on Luke that allows him to temporarily talk to animals and bids him farewell. They travel to the beach where the reindeer are stationed and Luke approaches the crowd to start a conversation with them.

"Wish I could have been there."

Satan notes aloud that Luke seems to be on the verge of tears and the trio walk over to check in on Luke and the situation. Through his tears, Luke explains the reindeers' true reasoning for their boycott was to look out for Santa Claus and not force him to work in the winter cold due to his old age. With newfound determination, Luke suggests a plan that both Lucifer and Satan began to dread; to act as the role of Santa Claus and deliver all the presents for him before Christmas Eve. After some time, Lucifer sets guidelines for Luke to follow such as delivering all the presents before nightfall and requesting the reindeer to find a successor before next Christmas. Satan asks if his presence is needed and Lucifer states his participation, as well as MC's, is nonnegotiable.

"It was so much fun!"

The group returns to Purgatory Hall to recall and discuss their turn of events to Simeon, Raphael, and Solomon. Simeon feels rest assured that Luke will have companions accompanying him, while Raphael comments on the strange practice of delivering presents before residents fall asleep. Simeon suggests a plan to diverge from traditional customs while still maintaining a magical atmosphere and with the help of Solomon's magic - that was casted on the gifts and four pairs of shoes to allow everything to float - the group heads out with a piece of mind that their goal of delivering all the presents before nightfall was attainable. The party idly chat about Santa Claus's temporarily vacant role and how Santa was delighted to spend the holiday on a vacation. Lucifer voices final words of caution to Luke while Satan - who wished he were at home reading for the holiday - reluctantly follows behind as their evening of saving Christmas begins.

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