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A Private Celebration
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 7
Card: A Private Celebration
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Raphael has gotten used..."

All the exchange students are busy at RAD preparing for the The Three Worlds Festival. Raphael, together with MC, is tasked with setting up the stage. Mephistopheles comes to visit, claiming he's here to cover the event and its proceedings to feature it in the RAD Newspaper. This causes a small argument to break out between Raphael and Mephisto. Fortunately, Lucifer also drops by to finalize details for the event. Mephisto starts going off at everyone, so Lucifer asks MC to continue speaking elsewhere. After discussing the details in private, it seems a few things are missing, and MC asks Lucifer if he wants to go shopping together. Unfortunately, Mephisto overhears and decides to invite himself along.

"It's all thanks to you."

Lucifer asks why Mephistopheles is still following them along the streets of the Devildom, just for some mere errands. Mephisto now starts to find it suspicious that Lucifers want him gone so bad, and suggests that perhaps Lucifer wants him away to misappropriate RAD's funds. Lucifer says that's ridiculous, however, Mephisto is already in his head how much of a scoop it would be. Lucifer then continues to distract the demon by letting Mephisto run the food errands if he is tagging along anyways, even suggesting Diavolo would be pleased to hear he was assisting the exchange students. Mephisto unknowingly takes the bait and finally leaves. MC and Lucifer go through the necessary items they must get, but it appears they went slightly over budget. Lucifer says there is one more thing they need and asks MC to follow him.

"How infuriating to see..."

Lucifer apparently took MC to Majolish in honour of the dance party, for them to get an appropriate outfit and accessories. After making the difficult choice as to what to get, the shopping haul seems successful. Lucifer is proud he got to choose the outfit, and says he can't wait to see MC stand out among the rest. He still says there is one last thing left to do and surprises MC with a bouquet of flowers, formally inviting MC to the dance of TTWF. Now that all errands are done, they head back home. It cuts forward to the day of TTWF with everyone finalizing the very last details before the opening ceremony. Solomon calls out MC's new outfit while the others of Purgatory Hall also compliment it.

"There was enough leftover..."

Lucifer arrives before the opening, and showers MC with compliments about the outfit they are wearing, telling them how it drew out their inherent charm, just as he intended. Raphael says that Lucifer always had an eye for things like that. Seeing as no further preparations have to be made, Lucifer decides to "borrow" MC for a bit and takes them to a private balcony, where they share two glasses of Demonus.

Lucifer tells MC about how much he admires their work for TTWF, how they have grown under his watch, and what an amazing reputation they have gotten by the Devildom itself. He regrets that due to his position he wasn't allowed to directly help, but is impressed how the exchange students still expertly managed everything. It saddens, yet thrills him to see how far MC has gotten without needing his help. Unfortunately, they are cut short since the party is about to start, so they bid each other goodbye and return to the party.

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