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Asmo's Foretelling Devilgram.png
Asmo's Foretelling
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Diavolo Lv. 3
Card: Asmo's Foretelling
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
(one vote)

Story Summary

"Predicting the future is amazing!"

Asmodeus calls all of his brothers and MC to meet with him in the House of Lamentation's library. He says that something incredible has happened, as earlier he found a book that Satan had left out, and he'd picked it up thinking it was a fashion magazine. He started reading it, but found it was boring and went to put it down. Before he did, however, he was suddenly surrounded with blinding light, and he realized he was given the ability to see the future for a limited time.

"It appears he really can pre..."

Mammon doesn't believe Asmodeus's claim about seeing the future, but Asmodeus insists he gets visions of things that are about to happen. MC can say that's incredible, or think that he's hit his head, which either makes Asmodeus happy MC believes him or sad that they don't. Satan says that he did acquire of a book on precognition recently, but is doubtful about the book granting the ability to predict the future.

Asmodeus says he'll give a demonstration, and then says Mammon will "receive an unexpected windfall today." Mammon doesn't believe him, but then he gets a message on his D.D.D. that he's won 5,000 Grimm from a lottery ticket he bought. Next, Asmodeus tells Belphegor that an item he values will "have an unfortunate accident." Sure enough, Belphegor's pillow then accidentally rips.

"I can't overlook that."

Mammon is excited to use Asmodeus's future-telling ability to make some money, while Leviathan asks about future game releases. Beelzebub asks about future trending foods, Satan asks if Asmodeus sees a future where he defeats Lucifer, and Belphegor asks if sleeping the rest of his life is in his future. MC can also ask what their future holds, or say they'd rather not know. Either way, Asmodeus suddenly gets a vision, and says at midnight tonight something "frightfully dangerous" will happen to Diavolo.

"This seems really dangerous."

Lucifer, his brothers, and MC all book it to the Demon Lord's Castle, where Barbatos questions their visiting at such a late hour. Diavolo is curious as well, and after adjourning to a guest bedroom, Lucifer explains the situation. However, Diavolo seems unconcerned, and says this sounds exciting.

It's nearly midnight when Little D. No. 2 arrives with some tea, but he trips and nearly spills said tea on Diavolo. Luckily for Diavolo, Leviathan shoved Mammon in the way instead. The clock then strikes twelve, but Asmodeus says the danger hasn't passed yet. Leviathan says everyone should check the perimeter, but as everyone searches for danger, Asmodeus suddenly screams. He says that Diavolo's skin on his face is horribly dry, and says this is a dangerous emergency. He calls for someone to get lotion or moisturizing cream. A frustrated Lucifer tells his brothers and MC they should all go home now.

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