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Raphael's Welcome
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Card: Raphael's Welcome
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Even though I was the on..."

Lucifer is showing Raphael around the Devildom, and introduces him to the magic shop Hocus Pocus. Raphael uneasily points out how "dodgy" the vials on the shelves look, stating that one even has a skull on it. Lucifer brushes it off, telling him that it's the Devildom so it's to be expected. Raphael thanks Lucifer for showing him around, saying there was a lot he wanted to see and Lucifer showing him around has been helpful. Lucifer simply says it's time to move on and brings Raphael to Majolish. Raphael states that Asmodeus insisted he visit Majolish, and examines the clothing. He says the wares are high-quality, pointing out the stitching and lining. Lucifer observes that Raphael's eye for detail hasn't changed and says he isn't surprised Raphael has taken up tailoring as a pastime. Raphael explains that he learned to sew by mending the brothers' clothes when they tripped and fell fleeing Lucifer's punishments, and eventually started to enjoy it.

"It would be great if you co..."

Lucifer takes Raphael to the marketplace, where he shows Raphael Devildom foods. Raphael asks uneasily about a specific food, which Lucifer states is a delicacy known as toxic chameleon. Raphael is surprised that the food is a delicacy. Raphael then asks about Death's Door sauce, and Lucifer explains it's the hottest hot sauce in the Devildom but that Raphael should be able to stomach it. Raphael continues to look at food, growing increasingly confused and uncomfortable stating that most of it doesn't look edible. Lucifer agrees that most of it doesn't look edible at first. He then asks Raphael if he's tried Demonus yet. Raphael asks what it is, and Lucifer responds that it's an alcoholic beverage. Lucifer cuts the tour short and invites Raphael to the House of Lamentation to try some. Raphael agrees, but asks that no strange foods be present.

"It's not like being much of..."

Raphael, Lucifer, and MC are in Lucifer's bedroom, as Lucifer introduces Raphael to a Devildom dish known as quetzalcoatl brains. Raphael expresses disgust, calling them grotesque blobs. Lucifer expresses amusement at Raphael's reaction, to which Raphael expresses annoyance and asks if he's enjoying this. Lucifer states that MC enjoys this dish to try to get Raphael to try it, much to Raphael's shock. MC has the choice to either go along with it or be honest, to which Lucifer states that they're supposed to agree with him. Lucifer decides to move on and offers Raphael a sample of Death's Door sauce. Raphael drowns his sandwich in it and says it isn't all that spicy, much to Lucifer's disgust. Raphael asks again about Demonus, and Lucifer offers to get one of his gold bottles in honor of their welcome party.

"There are not enough sna..."

Raphael is enjoying his Demonus, and Lucifer remarks that Raphael is already on his third bottle and observes that his high tolerance for alcohol is still going strong. Raphael notices how much MC is drinking, but Lucifer assures him that as a human MC is immune to its intoxicating effects. Lucifer points out that it's been a long time since they last drank together, and MC asks them for old Celestial Realm stories. Depending on the option MC chooses, Lucifer will either tell the story of Raphael raining spears down upon the brothers, or the story of himself and Raphael forgetting to bring back souvenirs for Michael after one of their excursions and Michael's subsequent sulking. Raphael asks how Simeon and Luke are doing, and both Lucifer and MC answer positively, much to Raphael's relief. Lucifer mentions that Diavolo will be pleased if Raphael enjoys himself too, and Raphael expresses surprise before passing out drunk mid-sentence.

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