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A Private Consultation Devilgram.png
A Private Consultation
Intimacy: Simeon Lv. 7
Card: A Private Consultation
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Whoa, what's up with things..."

Simeon thanks MC for coming over to Purgatory Hall, saying he has cookies and tea for them. Shortly after, Solomon arrives, and announces he'll be holed up in his room for a while. Concerned, Simeon asks if something happened. Solomon then explains how soon there will be health checkups at RAD, and he was requested to repair some instruments that measure the quality of a demon's magic in preparation. The angel reminds him to not push himself too hard, and Solomon thanks him and leaves.

Simeon feels a bit sad that humans and angels get left out for this checkup. A lot of people will gather for this event at RAD, so they won't be able to enter the premises at that time. He then lands on the idea of holding their own check-up instead, and decides to consult Diavolo about it, who Diavolo loves the idea and offers to arrange a Human World-style checkup like the Three-Legged Crow Group uses.

"Feel free to let loose and have fun."

At the House of Lamentation, Simeon announces he'll be borrowing MC on the day of the medical checkup. Mammon and Leviathan throw a fit, but Asmodeus reminds them that they and Belphegor are the ones getting a checkup. Satan further explains that he, Beelzebub, and Lucifer are helping run the event. Mammon butts in about how MC should come to complete them, and the others join in as well. Lucifer stops their arguing, and MC says they will be going with Simeon to the Human World.

The pair head back to Purgatory Hall and decide on what outfit to wear and what to bring. Luke admits he's excited to go, but is also scared of the appointment. Solomon and Raphael reassure him it's only a mock checkup. Simeon shares he's excited to have his checkup as well, and says they should celebrate afterwards by eating out before returning to the Devildom.

"I want to eat tasty food, too."

Luke is shocked to hear Diavolo arranged that they'll be staying at Hotel Corvo while they're in the Human World. Simeon and MC will stay in one room, while Luke, Solomon, and Raphael will stay in another. They split up to drop off their luggage. Simeon then realizes it's almost time for the check-up. The angels will get their check-ups first, so he tells them to rest in the meantime.

After awhile, Solomon picks up MC. They have their exams in different rooms, so they bid each other goodbye. However, before MC walks into the room, they see Simeon with a lab coat putting on a pair of glasses. Shyly, he admits he thought the coat would make their visit more authentic. He wanted to make his outfit a surprise, but the only mirror he could find was where MC was standing.

"Talk about setting the mood..."

Simeon gets into the doctor roleplay by asking what brings MC into his office. MC can either tell him their throat hurts, or how their heart won't stop racing. For the former, Simeon asks them to open their mouth and he'll "inspect" it. Either way, MC gets flustered, and Simeon tells them he finds that part of them adorable. He then concludes the "examination," and tells MC their actual checkup still needs to happen.

Simeon explains that he saw a picture on Devilgram of Asmodeus in a lab coat, and thought if he wore one he'd give MC butterflies. He asks what they think of the outfit, and MC responds positively. Before escorting MC to the real checkup room, he decides he'll change, as this outfit is for MC's eyes only. Later, everyone's excited they're all in good health. It's too early for their celebratory dinner, so instead they go for a stroll.

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