Beelzebub's Dialogues (Obey Me!)

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This page lists all dialogues spoken by Beelzebub in Obey Me! during Surprise Guest interactions, on the Home Screen, and more! For all dialogues with associated voice clips in Majolish, titles and links to Beelzebub's Majolish Voice Clips page are provided.

Title Screen[edit source]

Translation of Beelzebub's Title Screen dialogue.

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Dance Battles[edit source]

Dialogues said during battles.

Battle Skills[edit source]

  • "I accept your challenge!"
  • "See ya later."
  • "This is it, it's over."
  • "I'll lead things off!" (Skill 1)
  • "Get ready!" (Skill 2)
  • "Here comes my next meal." (Skill 3)
  • "Is that all you've got?" (Skill 4)
  • "Now it's my turn." (Skill 5)
    • "It's my turn." (variation)
  • "Hey, I want in on this too." (Skill 7)
  • "My turn now." (Skill 8)
  • "Just leave this to me!" (Skill 9)
  • "That was a nice feast." (Skill 12)

Surprise Guest[edit source]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when not using Items.

Three-Star Wins[edit source]

  • "Ah, now I can rest and eat some food!"
  • "I will give this victory to you."

Two-Star/One-Star Wins[edit source]

  • "My stomach... it's SO empty..."

Home Screen[edit source]

  • "Are you eating well?"
  • "You can't sleep? No problem, I'll make you dinner."
  • "...Ah, that dumpling looks delicious... *slurp* Hm? Oh, it's you."

Gifting the Player[edit source]

  • "I want to eat it with you, so... ...take it."
  • "Use this. I'm sure it'll help you out."

Reactions[edit source]

Heart Reactions[edit source]

  • "...Cool, this works."
  • "Huh? This is an interesting feeling. I'm finding it hard to relax."
  • "I'm glad you're happy."
  • "I'm hungry, but I feel like another part of me is full."
  • "It looks like someone's having fun. I'm glad."
  • "So...hungry... You look delicious."
  • "...That tickles."
  • "You are what you eat. You know what that means, right?"
  • "You can touch me. I don't mind."

Sparkle Reactions[edit source]

  • "...Ah, sorry. I was so bored I was just thinking about food."
  • "Can I go eat something?"
  • "Could you hurry up and finish? I'm about to die from hunger."
  • "Do you have something to eat?"
  • "I'm not hiding any food. ...I'm serious."
  • "Was that an earthquake? Ah, nope. Just my stomach."
  • "What?"
  • "What are you doing?"

Sweat Reactions[edit source]

  • "...Are you done yet?"
  • "Are you sure you want to make me angry?"
  • "Could you go? I don't want to deal with this right now."
  • "Don't barge in on my mealtime."
  • "I just might eat you from the head down. ...You don't seem that delicious though."
  • "I'm sorry, I can't do this right now."
  • "I've never met someone who disgusted me this much."
  • "That's enough, let go of me."
  • "What's your goal here?"
  • "You don't want to see me angry. I'll just get even MORE hungry."
  • "You remind me of poison jellyfish. They don't sit well in my stomach."
  • "You seem like you're having fun. Well...I'm not."

Sequences[edit source]

Perfect Sequence[edit source]

  • "I'll go to your room later. I want to eat some food with you."
  • "I'm going to look for something to eat. You're coming with me, right?"
  • "I've got plenty of time before I get hungry again. I want to hang out with you some more."
  • "When I'm with you, being hungry isn't so bad. I wonder why..."

Good Sequence[edit source]

  • "I want to scarf down loads of meat."
  • "That made me feel better, thanks."
  • "What do you think's on the menu today?"
  • "Wow, it's already late. Who's on cooking duty today...?"

Normal Sequence[edit source]

  • "I'd like to eat something more delicious next time."
  • "My stomach's as empty as Mammon's piggy bank."
  • "See you."

Bad Sequence[edit source]

  • "Aahh, this is taking too long... If I die from starvation it's your fault."
  • "Geez, you left me so hungry I almost ate YOU."
  • "Ugh, I'm way too hungry..."
  • "Well that didn't help fill my stomach."

Using Items[edit source]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when Items are used.

Standard Items[edit source]

Heart Reactions[edit source]

  • "A present from you? I see. I'll do my best to not eat it."
  • "Can I eat this?"
  • "Food isn't the only thing that makes me happy... I think."
  • "It might not fill me up, but this isn't so bad."
  • "Perfect, I was just getting hungry. Want to eat it together?"
  • "Thank you. I'll treasure it."
  • "This is great! Thank you."
  • "Wh-What did you say? This is for me? This is awesome! You're my angel."
  • "You're giving this to me? Thank you. Um...I'm still not sharing my dinner with you though."

Sparkle Reactions[edit source]

  • "All right, I'll accept it."
  • "I don't like when things get mushy and gross."
  • "...I'm getting tired of this. Could you get me something better?"
  • "Thanks. This might fill me up a little."
  • "This isn't interesting."

Sweat Reactions[edit source]

  • "...You might be worse than Mammon at giving presents."
  • "I don't like anything that can't take away my hunger pangs."
  • "No thanks, I don't want to eat this."
  • "This is a present? ...Did you pick this out on an upset stomach or something?"
  • "Whoa, this doesn't look delicious at all..."
  • "Why did you get this for me? I don't really understand."

Whip of Love[edit source]

  • "Do you want to be eaten by me?"
  • "I didn't feel a thing."
  • "That tickles! It's you, so I forgive you."

Limited Items[edit source]

For Limited Item dialogues of all characters, see the Limited Items Dialogues page.

Heartcuffs (Slightly Used)[edit source]

  • "You didn't get me a snack? It's okay. I don't mind being stuck with you forever."
    • "Happy Valentine's Day. I want us to be together all day long."

Spring Fair[edit source]

  • "Did you mistake me for a rabbit just now? Carrots are pretty tasty though. *munch* Thanks."
    • "Happy Easter. Is it is okay if I eat all of the eggs from the Easter egg hunt?"
    • "Happy Easter. Lucifer told me I could eat all the eggs I find!" (Demon Voucher)

Rainy Season Fair[edit source]

  • "Hydrangeas? They look tasty! ...Just kidding. Thanks."
    • "You can get a free Gigadeath Burger on rainy days! I'm going to go get one."
    • "This is for you. I saw a delicious-looking snail in the garden. Shall we go look for it together?" (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair[edit source]

  • "Let's go to the beach together. I want to go swimming with you. I want to eat shaved ice with you, as well as some some grilled corn on the cob."
    • "Thanks! I'll savor the taste. Only joking. I'll take good care of it."
    • "Take this as thanks for the Floaticorn. But you're not getting my Little Devil mango slushie." (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair Part 2[edit source]

  • "This... This is the Headless Café's summer-exclusive Snow Beary! It's so good! I usually don't share food, but I'll make an exception for you."
    • "Spicy food's the best after having something sweet. I'm gonna go get a red spider sandwich."
    • "This is a thanks for the Snow Beary earlier. Also... Do you wanna do fireworks tonight? I got some to do together." (Demon Voucher)

End-of-Summer Fair[edit source]

  • "Ohh, that's a lot colder than I expected. That really cooled me down. Thanks."
    • "*sigh* Summer's almost over... I still want to have fun surfing and stuff. Before summer ends, I'm gonna go eat all the shaved ice I can."
    • "Here, have this. By the way, are there any exclusive summer desserts you haven't had yet? Next time you've had something too cold, I'll wrap you in my arms and warm you up." (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair[edit source]

  • "I was just getting thirsty. Thanks. There are these chocolates with Demonus in them. They're so good. Highly recommended."
    • "A few times Belphie has had a little too much to drink and... ...slept until noon the next day. Wait, he always does that."
    • "I've always got my ear out for you if any drunk people try anything funny. I won't let them lay even a finger on you." (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair Part 2[edit source]

  • "Oh, are these exclusive fall sweets from La Porte? You're giving them to me? Thanks!"
    • "There are too many good desserts around this time of year. What should I do? Belphie tells me off every year because I always end up prioritizing eating over sleep."
    • "I wanted to share some snacks with you, so I bought a basketful. You wanna sneak away from the others and eat them together?" (Demon Voucher)

Christmas Fair[edit source]

  • "Glittery AND looks delicious! ...It's not food? That's disappointing."
    • "There's this cake being sold in town that's the shape of a tree stump. Did everyone realize how delicious trees are? ...No?"
    • "So these are Christmas tree ornaments? Would you like to decorate a tree together? I'll put on the decorations at the very top of the tree." (Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair[edit source]

  • "Is that a scarf? I thought this was a long donut. But this is way better than a donut."
    • "I saw a stuffed toy Devilcat wearing a scarf. They come in three different colors, but I can't decide which to buy. Maybe I should ask Belphie."
    • "But aren't you cold...? Oh, you have a matching one? It feels ticklish, but I'm happy you gave it to me. Thanks." (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair[edit source]

  • "There's chocolate in this?! I'm so happy I almost ate the chocolate AND the box. I'll take off the decorative rose and put it somewhere nice."
    • "I saw Belphie asleep in the classroom, buried in chocolate. It looked like he was having trouble sleeping, but isn't sleeping in a pile of chocolate the best?!"
    • "This is a present from me! Happy Panna Cotta! Oops, I mean Valentine's Day. Let's spend next year together too." (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair[edit source]

  • "Thanks. You're really something, aren't you? They're so cute *munch* that *munch* *munch* I almost feel bad for eating them. *munch* *munch*"
    • "You know, Belphie gets super sleepy in the spring apparently. But then again, he said that in summer...and fall and winter."
    • "By the way, did you already try Café Lament's special spring Fluffy Hell Zakura Latte? It's simply not spring in the Devildom without one." (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair[edit source]

  • "I shouldn't eat this, right? Okay, I'll try. I just thought, because it was a present, you know?"
    • "There's actually one song I'm pretty good at on this. Want me to play it? It's the jingle from the Hell's Kitchen ad."
    • "Otama Tony, what an appetizing name... If you come to the kitchen, I'll get enough snacks for you too." (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair[edit source]

  • "Thank you! Is this really a giant Venus flytrap? They're usually twice my size but this one's on the small side isn't it?"
    • "I think I get it. It's so small because it's hungry! But you know I can't give you this flaming hot inferno dog. So... *munch* *munch* *munch*"
    • "Ah, so if it likes you, it becomes smaller? I totally get letting you off the hook for anything. I'm the same." (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie[edit source]

  • "Thank you!!! I wait every year for these pies to go on sale! I don't think I ever told you that though. You seriously get me, don't you?"
    • "You know, if you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of cherry pie, it's amazingly good. I think we had some ice cream in the freezer. ...I can't wait any longer. Let's go to the kitchen right now!"
    • "The cashier at Hell Greengrocer suggested I try this cherry devil crush. I froze it and made it into a sherbet, so want to have it together later?" (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy[edit source]

  • "Churros! ...Wait, no they're not. Frenzy Fireworks, huh? Thanks."
    • "Last year, Mammon was swinging around some Frenzy Fireworks and nearly burned the house down. Lucifer was furious and said, 'Are you trying to turn yourself into charcoal?!'"
    • "We used to play with Frenzy Fireworks all the time. And, inviting everyone again wouldn't be a bad idea... But this time, I want to play with them just the two of us. I just know they will be beautiful." (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes[edit source]

  • "Revelation Tomatoes, huh? That was close, I was about to eat one as is. These taste like nothing if you don't reveal something. You should watch out too."
    • "I had one of these without revealing something once and it tasted like nothing. I was so sad. Then Mammon bought me a ton of cheeseburgers. I was so happy."
    • "A week ago, someone asked me to hand this to you. I think it's a love letter. It frazzled me and I couldn't hand it to you. I'm sorry... What? It's the test papers you dropped?" (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?![edit source]

  • "I quite like these balloons. But if I eat them they're not very filling. So it would be better if they were stuffed with something."
    • "Lord Diavolo once tried to decorate the inside of RAD with these balloons. They started popping, so they were no good as decorations. The cleaning up was a pain too."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Give Your Heart to Candy![edit source]

  • "Thank you. This candy tastes like the Destroyed Devil Burger I wanted but was sold out. Is this your way of letting me try it? You don't know how happy this makes me."
    • "Just before, Levi told me to play a game called Focaccia for him. He said he wasn't having luck with pulled pork sandwiches. I didn't really understand him."
    • "You're so kind, but sometimes, I wish it was only to me. Apparently, they call that the green-eyed monster. But I hope you don't hate me like a monster." (Demon Voucher)

Jovial Gingerbread Men?![edit source]

  • "*munch* *munch* *munch* *nom* *nom* *nom* Sorry, I ate it before I could say thanks. It was great. I appreciate it."
    • "At this time of year, you'll often see Mammon being chased down by one of these things. When I told him I wanted to be chased, he looked at me funny. I don't know why though, there's so much more to eat when they're giant."
    • "Wait, that wasn't a Jovial Gingerbread Man, was it? Dammit, I should have waited for him to turn giant... I was so happy you gave it to me I ate it without thinking." (Demon Voucher)

Zombie Iguana[edit source]

  • "What a delicious-looking Zombie Iguana doll. Thanks. I'll put it in my room, and won't eat it...maybe."
    • "By the way, do you know the Zombie Iguana exercise? Luke taught me. There are 666 steps in the routine, but I only got to 529. I'll have to train more."
    • "Huh? We're holding hands? It seems it has a hand-holding curse. This makes me happy. I was about to take your hand in mine and take you for a walk down Silent Street to see all the stalls. Let's go." (Demon Voucher)

Relaxing Devil Bath Bombs[edit source]

  • "A Devil Bath Bomb? I know what these are. You use them in bath. I've eaten one by mistake before, and bubbles wouldn't stop forming in my mouth..."
    • "Number 2 took Devil Bath Bombs from Lord Diavolo the other day, and he ended up exploding the castle's bathtub. He was scared of how Barbatos would react, so he came to me asking if he could leave the rest of them with me for a while. But I have to admit I'm scared of an angry Barbatos as well."
    • "I have a match coming up, so I've been working out more lately. Now I can use this bath bomb to enjoy a nice and refreshing bath. But I won't enjoy it as much as sharing good food with you. I'll be having practice late tomorrow. Wanna go to Café Lament afterwards? I want to go on a date with you." (Demon Voucher)

Hell Pancake Festival[edit source]

  • "Pancakes! Thanks! *munch* *munch* They're really good! *chomp* *chomp*"
    • "I stopped by the Cat's Eye with Satan the other day. I ordered the Cat Pancakes, but Satan looked at me reproachfully, so they were pretty heard to eat. You should tell Satan too that he should eat the pancake cat."
    • "Let's have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow. I know I ate a lot of them during the Skyscraper Challenge, but I'm still not bored of them. I know it's strange of me to say it myself, but I've gotten better in making your favorite pancakes, right? I worked really hard so I could hear you tell me how good they are." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Candy Apples[edit source]

  • "Thanks! ...Hm? I'll be cursed if I don't finish this Cursed Candy Apple within 10 minutes? No problem. It won't take me even one minute to finish it. Time to dig in!"
    • "It was definitely tasty, but now the Cursed Candy Apple is gone...I'm going to go to a candied fruit store. I know there are some non-cursed ones there, so look forward to a present."
    • "It was really good, but I'm sad the present you gave me is gone. Would you like to make some candy apples with me now? I bet they would be really tasty if we made and ate them together." (Demon Voucher)

Multifaced Eye Masks[edit source]

  • Hmmm... I'm not really that hungry, so why do I look so grumpy? Is this due to those Multifaced Eye Masks you gave me?"
    • "Huh. Making that grumpy face really did make me hungry... I think I'll head to Hell's Burger and get a Gigadeath Burger Value Meal, gargantuan-sized."
    • "These Multifaced Eye Masks feel really refreshing. You should wear one, too. Just don't make a grumpy face, okay? It makes me sad because it's like you're angry at me." (Demon Voucher)

Siren Sea Globe[edit source]

  • "About time, I was starving here! Wait... Is this a Siren Sea Globe? I've heard from Lucifer that this can be used to view the Siren Sea. Thank you."
    • "Solomon apparently defeated a hell sun starglazer once. They're these deep sea fish lurking in the sand waiting to pop out at their prey. I wonder how it would taste..."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Snow Ice Cream[edit source]

  • "Snow Ice Cream *munch* is good, and *munch* makes snow fall, and *munch*... Is the best ice cream around. Thanks for bringing some to me."
    • "Lucifer told me not to use the scary street as a course for running. I always eat up all the ice cream at the shop along the way, so the owner complained."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Cursed Music Box[edit source]

  • "This is the song in the Hell's Burger commercial... Ah, this must be a Cursed Music Box where you get cursed if you don't listen until the very end. I see..."
    • "By the way, Lucifer has a pocket watch that was once in a music box. He supposedly fund it in the human world and took a liking to it. He still takes care of it and looks at it to this day."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Opposite Biscuit?![edit source]

  • "*munch* *chew* Thanks, but this is really bad. ...Hm?! Ah, this must be one of those Opposite Biscuits where you say the opposite thing you're feeling."
    • "Now that I think about it, Luke said 'I really don't want to give this to a demon' when he gave me some sweets. The sweets were all things I hate, so maybe he had eaten an Opposite Biscuit, too?"
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Catastrophic Illumination[edit source]

  • "Thanks! I'll eat it right away...! I took a bite but it was a bit waxy... Oh, it's a candle, huh? A candle that smells like a cheeseburger? Let's light it up right now!"
    • "This purple color seems quite extraordinary... Apparently, it has magic that alters one's mind to that of a butler! I happened upon Simeon like this earlier. I suppose he was under a similar effect. Perhaps, the effects will endure until the flame has been extinguished. This manner of speaking is rather famishing."
    • "That's strange, the flame is pink... Looking at it makes me want to kiss you... It seems to make kissing irresistible... Kind of irresistible like a good cheeseburger. Mm." (Demon Voucher)

Super Soda Water[edit source]

  • "Thanks! *gulp* *gulp* *burp* That was good. It's so refreshing to have some Super Soda Water after working out."
    • "It's dangerous to leave it sitting in the refrigerator, though. If you drink it when it's too cold, your hair will stand on end. Really cold Super Soda Water is really good, but my hair stood on end for a week last time."
    • "I feel much better thanks to you. I'm thinking of running a bit more, but would you like to join me? I've been wanting to show you this one spot on my route where the moon is really beautiful." (Demon Voucher)

A Beckoning Black Cat Brings Good Fortune[edit source]

  • "You're giving me this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain? Thanks. Asmo told me this is supposed to bring good fortune...? Could it be...? Are we going to Hell's Kitchen?"
    • "It brought me a purgatory-style basilisk boil, a red spider sandwich, and a hellfire mushroom rolled cigar cookie! It looks like something Barbatos would make. Perhaps it stole them from the Demon Lord's Castle. I guess I'll take them back then... *munch* *munch*"
    • "Whoa! A half-off coupon for a Hell's Kitchen lunch combo! This thing really does work! But watching you eat is what gives me true happiness, so I'll let you have this coupon. Let's go together?" (Demon Voucher)

Mont Blancs Full of Feelings[edit source]

  • "A Mont Blanc of Desire! Did you bake your desires into it? If I eat this I'd be able to understand your deepest desires and wishes."
    • "*munch* *munch*... You want to know what I bought recently? Asmo asked me to buy a lot of protein. Apparently, protein has some beauty boosting effects. I ordered enough to fill his room... I hope it's enough."
    • "Hmm, you put a lot of wishes into it! I'd also like to eat a lot of tasty food with you and go on a bunch of dates. I'm glad that I can fulfill these wishes. I'll make it all come true, trust me." (Demon Voucher)

Bring Forth Good Luck with a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath[edit source]

  • "Thanks! Actually, I have kind of a bad memory about not being able to pull something out of these things. That's why I hope I get something smaller this time. Like enough donuts for two people or something."
    • "I remember seeing a wreath like this on the wall in the Demon Lord's Castle once when I went with Belphie. It looks like it had already been used, but I wonder who used it, Diavolo or Barbatos?"
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Play the Soul's Song Record![edit source]

  • "Thanks. This is that record that makes people say the truth while it's playing right? In that case, it should be easy to tell you about how much more you mean to me than food."
    • "I think if you made something you truly wanted to make, it would probably be super-delicious. So I'm planning on using this record on Simeon and Luke. It'll be our secret, okay?"
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

In-game Apps[edit source]

Dialogues said within various In-game Apps.

Majolish[edit source]

Selected for Home Screen[edit source]

Changing Outfits[edit source]

  • "Does this look good?" (MAJOLISH 2)
  • "I'm more interested in whether it's easy to eat in this, not how it feels on me."
  • "If you like this best, then so do I." (MAJOLISH 4)

Akuber[edit source]

Excellent Order[edit source]

  • "ank you! 'is is su'er 'ewicious! *munch* *munch*"

Very Good Order[edit source]

  • "ank you! 'is is 'ewicious! *munch* *munch*"

Good Order[edit source]

  • "ank you! *gulp* Ahh, all gone."

Failed Order[edit source]

  • "This is fine. I can... I can cope without it."

Player's Birthday[edit source]

Dialogues said on the Player's Birthday. All Surprise Guest interactions result in Perfect Sequences during birthdays.

Birthday App Screen[edit source]

  • please add

Surprise Guest[edit source]

Three-Star Wins/Home Screen[edit source]

  • "Happy birthday."

Gifting the Player[edit source]

  • please add

Perfect Sequence[edit source]

  • "Let's eat a lot of birthday cake today!"

Home Screen[edit source]

Dialogues said on the Home Screen, both standard dialogues and those with unlocking requirements.

Standard Dialogues[edit source]

Login[edit source]

  • "Oh, it's you."
  • "Decided to drop in?" (Login 2)
  • "Hey, do you have any food on you?" (Login 3)
  • "Want to have something to eat with me?" (Login 4)

Player Returns[edit source]

He Returns[edit source]

Touched by Player[edit source]

  • "What?" (Touch 1)
  • "Do that all you want. I'm not giving you my food." (Touch 2)
  • "That kind of tickles." (Touch 3)
  • "Now THAT doesn't tickle at all." (Touch 4)
  • "Hm, that... felt pretty good." (Touch 5)
  • "How about you join me for some food?" (On the Clouds)

Idle Screen[edit source]

  • "Are you good at cooking? If so I never want you to leave my side." (Inactive 3)
  • "I didn't even know it was possible to feel this hungry. My stomach is insane." (Inactive 2)
  • "I know what you're thinking. Can't he say anything besides 'I'm hungry?'" (Inactive 1)
  • "Mind if I run to the kitchen?" (Inactive 4)

Time of Day Interactions[edit source]

Morning[edit source]

(Dialogues between 5:00 - 12:00 local time.)

  • "Time for breakfast."
  • "I'd sure like 50 stacks of Ultra Sweet Devil's Pancakes from Hell's Kitchen." (AM Talk)
Afternoon[edit source]

(Dialogues between 12:00 - 18:00 local time.)

  • "Time for lunch."
  • "For lunch, I'm having a Gigadeath Burger, fried scorpion and then..." (Daytime Talk)
Evening[edit source]

(Dialogues between 18:00 - 0:00 local time.)

  • "Time for dinner."
  • "I went ahead and filled up on red spider sandwiches before dinner." (PM Talk)
Night[edit source]

(Dialogues between 0:00 - 5:00 local time.)

  • "Time for a midnight snack."
  • "If I don't eat before bed, I won't last until morning." (Night Talk)

Character Intros[edit source]

  • "I have a duty to protect Lucifer." (Intro 1)
  • "Mammon really seems to love money, which is dumb, since you can't eat it."
  • "I only listen to about half of what Levi says since I can barely understand that much." (Intro 3)
  • "Compared to the others, Satan is a pretty decent guy. ...I think. Maybe."
  • "Asmo says it's important for food to look appealing. But if it tastes the same, who cares?"
  • "I wonder if Belphie will ever forgive me?" (Intro 6)
  • "Lord Diavolo is so lucky. He gets to eat the treats Barbatos makes every day."
  • "I wish Barbatos could clone himself so we could have one of him here."
  • "I really want to try one of Luke's cakes again sometime."
  • "Simeon is hiding candy from the Celestial Realm... I want it."
  • "Somehow I get the feeling that Solomon wouldn't taste very good."

Game Tips[edit source]

  • "I want to buy all of the food that Akuzon has." (App 10)
  • "If you don't take care of your tasks, Lucifer's going to punish you!" (App 11)
  • "There's something in your mailbox, you know. Maybe it's food?"
  • "There's something for you in To Do. Maybe it's food?"
  • "Go check out that event they're having. And bring me back some food."
  • "If you don't work a few shifts soon, you won't be able to buy snacks."
  • "You can summon new cards in Nightmare."
  • "Hey, you've got a voicemail."
  • "Majolish is nice if you're looking to change things up, but they don't have food."
  • "You can power up your cards by going into your contacts."
  • "Someone posted something on Devilgram."
  • "There's a message for you."

App Deleted[edit source]

  • "Are you sure you should've deleted that?"
  • "Don't worry, I'll download that for you again."
  • "...You deleted it."

His Birthday[edit source]

  • "It's my birthday today, so Lucifer said I can eat anything I want!" (Birthday)

Game Anniversary[edit source]

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VIP-Only Dialogues[edit source]

  • "I want to take you on an all-you-can-eat tour of the Devildom. You busy?"
  • "Sometimes I find myself thinking of you instead of food."
  • "When I'm with you, meals always taste better."

Unlockable Dialogues[edit source]

Moving Pictures[edit source]

Something Worth Saving[edit source]

Standard Art[edit source]
  • "So, your eyes are, and your nose and mouth are more..."
  • "Hm... Okay."
  • "There's still a lot of blank space, though. Oh, right! I should add Belphie and the others, too."
  • "Yeah, that should do it."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit source]
  • "This pen's pretty impressive, huh? I kind of want to keep playing around with it."
  • "What're you drawing?
  • "A heart?"
  • "Can I take that to mean you like me?"
  • "It'd be nice to always be in your heart."
  • "What should I draw next?"
  • "Something like that, I guess?"
  • "Pretty cool, right? It's all glittery."
  • "And it looks delicious..."
  • "I know I can't eat it, but it'd still be nice..."

Beel's Magic Carpet[edit source]

Standard Art[edit source]
  • "This food is tougher than it looks. Stay behind me."
  • "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe no matter what."
  • "You should still be careful. If something happened to you, I..."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit source]
  • "We're actually flying through the sky."
  • "What do you say we give it a little more gas?"
  • "All right. Hit it, carpet."
  • "It's almost like we've become the wind itself."
  • "We've got to make sure not to fall."
  • "Still, what an amazing feeling this is."
  • "We've come a long way searching for this magic carpet..."
  • "...but we only made it this far because you were here with me."
  • "Good idea. Not every day we get to ride a magic carpet. Might as well enjoy it while we can."
  • "It feels like we're the only people in the world."
  • "...The sky is lovely tonight."

Our Sweet Time Together[edit source]

Standard Art[edit source]
  • please add
Flower Unlocked Art[edit source]
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