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This page lists all dialogues spoken by Satan in Obey Me! during Surprise Guest interactions, on the Home Screen, and more! For all dialogues with associated voice clips in Majolish, titles and links to Satan's Majolish Voice Clips page are provided.

Title Screen[edit]

Translation of Satan's Title Screen dialogue.

  • please add

Dance Battles[edit]

Dialogues said during battles.

Battle Skills[edit]

  • "Don't press your luck."
  • "How about we wrap things up."
  • "Too late for regrets now."
  • "I'll start things off!"(Skill 1)
  • "How do you like this?" (Skill 2)
  • "Time for a little revenge." (Skill 4)
  • "My turn now." (Skill 5)
  • "I'll lend you a hand." (Skill 7)
    • "I'll lend you a hand here." (variation)
  • "Let me help you." (Skill 8)
  • "Need my assistance?" (Skill 9)
  • "You're still good, right?" (Skill 11)

Surprise Guest[edit]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when not using Items.

Three-Star Wins[edit]

  • "Of course we won. After all, I was there."
  • "That was a nice victory."

Two-Star/One-Star Wins[edit]

  • "Don't get too comfortable. Who knows what may happen if you do."

Home Screen[edit]

  • "I'm going out to buy a new book. Would you care to join me?"
  • "I really got into the story, so I lost track of time. Are you also a night owl?"
  • "I don't have time for you."

Gifting the Player[edit]

  • "A present, from me. Accept it."
  • "For you. I hope it proves useful to you."


Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "H-Hey, stop that."
  • "Having fun, are we? Happy to see that."
  • "Not bad!"
  • "There is no need to hold back."
  • "There you go. Happy?"
  • "Who told you you could do that?"
  • "You don't want me to stare at you? I want to. What's the problem?"
  • "You have a lot of nerve, human."
  • "You truly are something else."

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "Aren't you satisfied?"
  • "Have you had enough?"
  • "Hmm...not quite."
  • "I'm starting to get bored."
  • "Shake it all you want... ...nothing will happen."
  • "What...?"
  • "When you're done... can leave."
  • "Why don't you entertain me?"

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "Are you comparing me to Lucifer? I would reconsider that if I were you."
  • "Are you trying to cheer me up? If so, you're doing it all wrong."
  • "Boring."
  • "Did you really think that'd work?"
  • "Did you think that'd please me?"
  • "Go back to the human world already."
  • "I don't have time to waste. Let's wrap this up."
  • "I never thought there was someone worse out there than Lucifer."
  • "I won't allow you to lay another finger on me."
  • "...That's it?"
  • "*sigh* Can I go now?"
  • "You're as bad as Lucifer."


Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "I'd like to spend some more time together. Are you free after this?"
  • "I'm glad we could spend some quality time together. I'll be looking forward to next time."
  • "It's already time? That went fast. I was hoping for more. How about you?"

Good Sequence[edit]

  • "I'll be taking my leave. You should have a good rest as well."
  • "Let's keep this up!"
  • "This wasn't too bad! See you next time."
  • "You did well. If you keep this up, I'll help you out again."

Normal Sequence[edit]

  • "I'll be going."
  • "Let's do better next time."
  • "Oh, I'm in charge of the food today."
  • "Satisfied? Time for me to go, then."
  • "Well, it's time to get some reading done."

Bad Sequence[edit]

  • "Don't waste my time."
  • "I'm leaving."
  • "I have no idea what you were trying out there."
  • "I'll see you again in 100 years. No, make that a 1,000."
  • "*sigh* I shouldn't have expected anything from you."

Using Items[edit]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when Items are used.

Standard Items[edit]

Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "Hahahaha! You're the best!"
  • "I'm not into painful activities. S-So...go easy on me."
  • "Looks like you do have it in you."
  • "Looks like you gave this some thought. How nice of you."
  • "Not bad."
  • "Oh, thanks."
  • "Oh? You do have it in you."
  • "Presents won't work on me."
  • "Thank you, I appreciate it. I'll get you something in return."
  • "What are you hoping to get out of this?"
  • "You're giving this to me? Thank you."

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "Do I have to take it?"
  • "I was hoping to get something better."
  • "I'll take it for now."
  • "It seems that you don't know me very well."
  • "That's a safe choice."
  • "You should try giving it to someone else."

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "Did you hit your head?"
  • "I won't forget this. I hope you're prepared to face my wrath."
  • "What's this? You are joking, right?"
  • "You must like wasting your money like that."
  • "...You're the worst."

Whip of Love[edit]

  • "Hey! That tickles!"
  • "Hm? Do you want me to spend some time with you?"
  • "I wouldn't do that again if I were you. If you value your life, that is..."

Limited Items[edit]

For Limited Item dialogues of all characters, see the Limited Items Dialogues page.

Heartcuffs (Slightly Used)[edit]

  • "How bold of you. Are you sure you want to be stuck with me?"
    • "Happy Valentine's Day... A special present for a special someone."

Spring Fair[edit]

  • "Hahaha, how cute. Don't you think these would suit you better?"
    • "Happy Easter. Today's the perfect day to throw eggs at Lucifer. Would you like to join me?"
    • "Happy Easter! Here's a present for my little bunny!" (Demon Voucher)

Rainy Season Fair[edit]

  • "These hydrangeas are for me? Thanks. I'll treasure them... Like you."
    • "The color of hydrangeas depends on where they are planted. If you're interested in finding out more, I'll lend you a reference book."
    • "Are you bored because you can't go outside? I'll recommend you a book. Let's see who can finish their book quicker before the rain lets up." (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair[edit]

  • "A Floaticorn? How thoughtful. Hehe...I can't wait to see the look of disdain on Lucifer's face."
    • "Summer is always so hot. It irritates me. But this year is different, because you're with me."
    • "If you want to enjoy summer here in the Devildom, then you'll have to try the underwater maze. Let's go. You want to go with me, right?" (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair Part 2[edit]

  • "Thank you. What a wonderfully cute choice. You want me to open wide? I guess I've got no choice. Just this once."
    • "Speaking of which, polar bears apparently consume 13,000 calories a day. I wonder which one consumes more: a polar bear or Beel?"
    • "Here, take this as a thanks. I also got a yukata that will look good on you order made." (Demon Voucher)

End-of-Summer Fair[edit]

  • "Haha, so what, you want to play, do you? Now that you've got me all wet, are you prepared for the same?"
    • "When it's this hot, I can't even find the desire to read. Fall is the best season for reading, I simply cannot wait!"
    • "Oh, that's right! I got something for you. After both getting so wet, we should be careful not to catch colds. Come here, I'll warm you up." (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair[edit]

  • "Red Demonus at this time of year is simply divine. Thank you for this. I will gladly indulge."
    • "Beel once drank an entire barrel of Demonus. Thanks to his drunken antics, the bar's no longer around. Or I should say, thanks to his appetite..."
    • "By the way, you don't get drunk off of Demonus, do you? I was thinking we could enjoy this together and chat until morning. What do you say?" (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair Part 2[edit]

  • "What a wonderful, warm looking blanket! And it’s got cats on it too! Thank you. I’ll use it right away."
    • "Fall is perfect season for curling up with a book. Are you reading anything at the moment? If not, shall I lend you a book I recommend?"
    • "When it gets colder, cats always come and curl up on my lap. But what truly warms my heart is when I'm curling up with you." (Demon Voucher)

Christmas Fair[edit]

  • "Decorations for the Christmas tree? They have very beautiful colors and shapes."
    • "I wonder if I could use this ornament to annoy Lucifer. Sorry, I think I'll stay in my room for a while. See you later."
    • "Ornaments have various meanings. Do you want to decorate the tree with our own special ornament, and make the others jealous?" (Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair[edit]

  • "This is for me? It looks as soft as a kitten. I bet it's warm. Thanks."
    • "I saw Luke wearing a scarf earlier. The scarf was so big on him that it almost covered his entire face. It was very cute."
    • "Does this match the one you have? Even when you're not around, putting this scarf on will make me happy." (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair[edit]

  • "For me? I'm really happy to get chocolates from you. Thanks. Will you feed them to me...? Just kidding."
    • "By the way, there is an entire line of demons and succubi that want to give you chocolate. If you can't carry all the chocolate home, get Mammon to help you."
    • "Happy Valentine's Day! I thought about giving you cat chocolates, but you'd feel sorry for them if they were shaped like cats." (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair[edit]

  • "For me? Thank you! It's already that time of year, huh? Did you know, the sheep one is apparently based on a certain exchange student."
    • "Oh, be careful of the bloody acokanthera oblongifolia. They're poisonous flowers that bloom here around this time. I don't know what'll happen if you touch one."
    • "This is a gift to say thanks. Okay, shall we go then? Go where? To see the blossoms, of course! Although, I'd rather sit and watch you over flowers." (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair[edit]

  • "For something with such a preposterous face, it sure produces a delightful sound. Haha. Your presents are always full of surprises."
    • "Do you think I should tell Levi... ...that I can hear him singing anime songs in the bathroom?"
    • "As a thanks, won't you join me in the weekend for a bit? I want to take you to the Devildom Symphony Orchestra. On a date, of course." (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair[edit]

  • "A giant Venus flytrap? For me? You shouldn't have. It's meant to have quite the temper, but it seems to really like you."
    • "The other day, I showed Luke my Encyclopedia of the Three Worlds Flowers and Fauna. He was so enthralled. I can kind of understand why Simeon is always so protective of him."
    • "Hey, you should tell it you like me. Because if you like me, then maybe it'll like me too." (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie[edit]

  • "You're giving me a Horror's Horror Cherry Pie? Thank you. I get a craving for these at least once a year."
    • "Did you know cherry devil crush is nicknamed 'ruby jewels'? Once Mammon actually mistook some for real rubies and went to bury them in the mountains. His simpleness sometimes astounds me."
    • "If you like this pie, I'd suggest trying the cherry syrup you see around this time of year. It goes great in Demonus. I'll get some after class tomorrow. Let's try it together, just the two of us." (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy[edit]

  • "Thank you! It's been a while since I've played with Frenzy Fireworks. I have a feeling playing with these with you will become an unforgettable summer memory."
    • "Belphie showed me cat-shaped fireworks on DevilTube. Of course, I favorited it, but if you find anything too, let me know."
    • "As thanks, I'll escort you to the Night Lantern People's summer festival. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to enjoy it with you. You will say yes, won't you?" (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes[edit]

  • "Hmm, Revelation Tomatoes. Pasta made with these is incredible. I want you to try it. Although, the pasta being incredible depends on what I reveal, doesn't it?"
    • "I downloaded this popular FPS app a friend recommended, but Levi also plays it, right? I messaged him in chat, but he started blabbering before I could say anything, so I could never tell him it was me."
    • "Do you remember when I drank too much Demonus at a party and wouldn't let you go? I was just pretending. I did it because you're always hanging out with the others... Don't laugh." (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?![edit]

  • "Thanks. Even though if you leave Ghost Balloons by themselves they'll fill up and pop by themselves... I've heard that there's some kind of game in the Human World where you compete to blow up your balloon fastest until it pops."
    • "Beel once tried eating a special hamburger-shaped ghost balloon by mistake. He froze like a startled cat when it suddenly popped. That was quite interesting."
    • "It would be a shame if the balloons you gave me popped straight away. An acquaintance taught me a special technique that prevents them from popping. Want to practice them together?" (Demon Voucher)

Give Your Heart to Candy![edit]

  • "For me? Thank you. Oh, what a refreshing flavor. That really woke me up. Wait, you didn't know I was up all night reading the latest issue of It's a Meowtiful Life, did you?"
    • "Oh, Simeon actually gave me one of these once, saying it was a palate cleanser. We'd just eaten Solomon's food, but it was super salty. I think we were thinking the same thing."
    • "I was going to go buy the new cat toys featured in the issue. Would you like to come? We haven't spent much time together recently, so let's call it a date." (Demon Voucher)

Jovial Gingerbread Men?![edit]

  • "A Jovial Gingerbread Man? Thanks, this is exactly what this season calls for. I'll be sure to enjoy it before it turns giant and tries to eat me."
    • "If you plan on having some of this gingerbread man, I would suggest doing so before it transforms. Beel actually waits for it to turn giant before eating it. Even Jovial Gingerbread Men are no match for his mouth."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Zombie Iguana[edit]

  • "Thanks. This Zombie Iguana is rather cute, isn't it? If I put it here it will get buried in books, so I'll put it over there by my pillow."
    • "That reminds me, I saw Simeon examining a free Zombie Iguana toy that came with some snack at Devilmart the other day. I was wondering what he was doing, but it turns out he was looking for a present for Luke since he helped with the cleaning. It was nice."
    • "...Hmm? It seems the curse has caused our hands to get stuck. Well, that's fine by me. If you're up for it, how about we go on a date to the Devil Book Cafe?" (Demon Voucher)

Relaxing Devil Bath Bombs[edit]

  • "A Devil Bath Bomb from Savonne? And it's supposed to help you relax? Thank you. As their fragrance is random, I can't tell for sure. But I believe I can faintly smell hell jasmine."
    • "Did you hear Leviathan sing while taking a bath today? I believe he sang the entire ending song of DEVINNAD. I'm surprised myself I could tell. But what's more surprise is how Levi got so int the song, thinking nobody could hear him."
    • "Devil Bath Bombs are mixed with explosive minerals, so make sure to let me know when you want to use one. If I'm there with you, I can protect you if something happens. Huh? No, that's not... You should know I don't mean anything with that. ...I believe you understand what I'm saying!" (Demon Voucher)

Hell Pancake Festival[edit]

  • "You want me to do the Skyscraper Challenge? I will of course cheer for you if you decide to participate, but I think I will pass. After all, the winner only gets some stacked pancakes and the title of Pancake Master."
    • "By the way, it looks like Lord Diavolo has joined the Skyscraper Challenge. It seems he's been eating nothing but pancakes in preparation for the contest. Now I know why Number 2 was following Mammon and shouting 'Papa! Meat! Fish!'"
    • "More importantly, I received a call from the Cat's Eye's owner. It seems they have added new items to the cat menu. I'm thinking of going tomorrow, but you'll come with me, right? I'd love to partake in the cat menu with you. Just thinking about it brings me joy." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Candy Apples[edit]

  • "A Cursed Candy Apple? Thank you. Candy apples have really become popular in the Devildom, haven't they? ...Wait, don't tell me you noticed that stand I was interested in when we were walking home together? Heh, as sharp as ever."
    • "In the Human World, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but I wonder if that could apply to the Devildom, too? I'm in charge of making dinner tomorrow, so I think I'll try looking at Bon Appedevil to see what kind of apple dishes I can make."
    • "Here, have this in return. Also, if you're free tomorrow, do you want to go to the usual place together? You see that place where all the cats are gathering? A new café with delicious apple pies opened recently. I'd really like to go with you sometime." (Demon Voucher)

Multifaced Eye Masks[edit]

  • "Multifaced Eye Masks? What are these ridiculous things? And why these expressions? I would be running amok if it wasn't you here."
    • "...Wait. Don't tell me the reason Lucifer almost broke out laughing before was because of this? That means... ...I'm sure of it now. This can only be the work of HIM. I knew something was off when he touched my face saying there was something in my eye..."
    • "You dare to play a prank on me? You are ready for the consequences, I assume? I won't wear these eye masks, though. I want to cherish the true you that you only show me." (Demon Voucher)

Siren Sea Globe[edit]

  • "This globe is a magical device linked to the Siren Sea? Such a captivating gift. Thank you."
    • "What's this? The globe is showing Lord Diavolo feeding Lotan. I didn't think anyone other than Levi could tame that monster... As one would expect of the Young Lord."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Snow Ice Cream[edit]

  • "This is some Demon Dazs Snow Ice Cream, right? I hear snow starts falling over your head when you eat some. I was just playing in the garden with a cat, so I'm all sweaty. I'll gladly have some from you."
    • "Oh, right. I heard that it won't snow if you swallow the ice cream whole, so be careful. Of course, HE is the only one who would actually swallow it whole, so I suppose I need not worry."
    • "Aaah... Hm? I told you I wanted some... from you. I won't force you to, but I'm sure it'll taste even better with you feeding it to me." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Music Box[edit]

  • "Ohhh? This is a Cursed Music Box, isn't it? The one where you have to listen to the end of its melody or you get cursed. This would be the perfect gift to send someone! Let's start by getting 100 of them ready."
    • "If I remember correctly, wasn't the original design of he music box made by a clocksmith in the human world? I'm always so amazed by the impressive craftsmanship of the music box when I see the gears and cogs move."
    • "It seems as though the box picks a random song from your memory to play. ...This particular melody is rather nostalgic. It's the last song that was played during the first concert we ever went to together. I was so happy that you held my hand that I remember it vividly." (Demon Voucher)

Opposite Biscuit?![edit]

  • "Oh, it's an Opposite Biscuit. You're giving it to me? Thank you. The biscuit itself is delicious, even though it makes you say the exact opposite of what you're thinking."
    • "...This really does taste awful. When I gave one of these to Lucifer, it didn't look very tasty when he was eating it. He always plays along with the tricks Beel and I play. It makes me so sad. ...No, wait! Just forget what I said and don't believe anything I say!"
    • "I want you to eat this biscuit. I mean, if you can tell me you love me after eating this I would be really happy. ...Wait, wouldn't you say the opposite thing? ...Yeah! If you tell me you hate me I would be happy! ...This is all getting kind of weird. Just forget what I said, and don't take anything I say at face value!" (Demon Voucher)

Catastrophic Illumination[edit]

  • "Oh thanks, a Catastrophic Candle from Majolish! You can't tell what kind of magic is imbued within it. It's a bit scary but exciting at the same time!"
    • "What the...? Looking at this orange flame is making me really hungry. So this is how Beel must feel all the time... This candle would definitely befit a restaurant. Anyway, I'm off to the kitchen."
    • "What was the effect of this red flame again? Ah, never mind that, would you mind gently stroking my hair? This makes you want to be spoiled...? I'm certain that's the effect I'm feeling now. I'd like to have all of your attention please." (Demon Voucher)

Super Soda Water[edit]

  • "Thanks. If you're interested, would you like to have some of this Super Soda Water with me? It's too strong for humans, but you should be fine if you mix it with juice."
    • "By the way, did you know that Mammon is the mascot for this? One of my friends who is the director said that the drink is a big hit thanks to him. I guess he can be useful sometimes."
    • "Oh, I know. I'll make some fruit punch so you can safely drink some, too. I'm happy for the Super Soda Water, but your smile makes me the happiest." (Demon Voucher)

A Beckoning Black Cat Brings Good Fortune[edit]

  • "A Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain?! This makes me incredibly happy, thank you. I always thought you had good taste but I think I'll revise my former opinion. You have excellent taste."
    • "Hmm? Did this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain come with a pudding? Well, I am kind of hungry. They do say it would bring good fortune. Speaking of which, Lord Diavolo was hoping that today's dessert would be pudding."
    • "Are the rumors true that this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain would bring one happiness? If you would go on a date with me, then I suppose the rumors could be verified. How does a cat café date sound?" (Demon Voucher)

Mont Blancs Full of Feelings[edit]

  • "This is a Mont Blanc of Desire, isn't it? What kind of desired did you put into it? Well, no point in asking, if I can just eat it. I hope it's what I'm thinking of though..."
    • "You want to know why I was arguing with Beel the other day? I didn't think you had noticed that... We found some pajamas with a cute Devilcat pattern. We were arguing over who was going to buy it. In the end we both bought the same one."
    • "I'm relieved to see we had something similar in mind. All your wishes are so cute, I'd be inclined to... no, it's nothing. Let's discuss how to fulfill your wishes. Can I come to your room now?" (Demon Voucher)

Bring Forth Good Luck with a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath[edit]

  • "Mmm, a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath. Thank you. By the way... Did you know that when you put your arm into the hole to pull something out, if you are pricked by a thorn, it supposedly means something good will come out."
    • "Did you know that Asmo once got pricked by a wreath as well? Levi and Belphie complained that he kept going on that his beautiful skin was ruined and that he wouldn't be able to get married."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Play the Soul's Song Record![edit]

  • "A Soul's Song Record. If you want to see inside my heart then I won't stop you. But you'd best be prepared to accept everything, no mater what I say."
    • "I tried slipping this record into Lucifer's collection. Since then, I've been monitoring his room daily- Hey! Don't laugh at that!"
    • "I'm especially drawn to your eyes, I can't help but feel weak when you look at me with those beautiful eyes. I thought cats were the only being capable of charming me so... But it seems you're even more wicked than a cat." (Demon Voucher)

Overcome Those Yucky Foods with Cursed Cutlery![edit]

  • "Some Cursed Cutlery? I am happy to receive anything from you, but do you want to find out what food I dislike? I'm sorry to disappoint, but I do not have any. How unfortunate that you can't see me panic, huh?"
    • "By the way, at a banquet at the Demon Lord's Castle, I saw Barbatos furrow his brow in the direction of the chef. appears he just saw a mouse across the room. Does he have any food he dislikes? And how did he spot a mouse so far away anyway?"
    • "Wha--?! The cutlery brought out some green peas? How did it know I don't like them...? I made sure to never tell a soul... This will remain a secret between us, got it?" (Demon Voucher)

In-game Apps[edit]

Dialogues said within various In-game Apps.


Selected for Home Screen[edit]

  • "Choosing me, are you?"

Changing Outfits[edit]

  • "Not bad. I like it."
  • "What do you think?"
  • "I have to say, I'm a fan." (MAJOLISH 4)


Excellent Order[edit]

  • "Thanks. I'm not Beel, but it looks delicious. I'll be sure to order from you again."

Very Good Order[edit]

  • "Thank you. I was looking forward to this. Your magic has improved quite a bit."

Good Order[edit]

  • "Thanks. I've been waiting for this."

Failed Order[edit]

  • "Interesting... Remind me, is this what I ordered?"

Player's Birthday[edit]

Dialogues said on the Player's Birthday. All Surprise Guest interactions result in Perfect Sequences during birthdays.

Birthday App Screen[edit]

  • "Happy birthday. What do you want for your birthday?"

Surprise Guest[edit]

Battle Wins/Home Screen[edit]

  • "Happy birthday."

Gifting the Player (said when gifting 30 Devil Points)[edit]

  • "Make sure Beel doesn't see it...because there'll be nothing left of it if he does."

Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "I hope your day is full of joy. Hm? Am I being too nice for a demon?"

Home Screen[edit]

Dialogues said on the Home Screen, both standard dialogues and those with unlocking requirements.

Standard Dialogues[edit]


  • "Oh hey, you're here." (Login 1)
  • "Where have you been? I've been looking for you." (Login 2)
  • "Finally, you're here. I've been waiting for you." (Login 3)
  • "Lately, I've been feeling antsy whenever you're not around." (Login 4)

Player Returns[edit]

  • "Hey, welcome back." (You're back 1)
  • "You're late. I was about to go out looking for you." (You're back 2)
  • "Welcome back. How are things going?" (You're back 3)
  • "Oh, you're back! I've been waiting for you." (You're back 4)
  • "I see you're back. You're always leaving without any notice, just like a cat. Hey, come here." (You're back 5)

He Returns[edit]

  • "I'm back. ...You're here to greet me." (I'm back 1)
  • "Did I keep you waiting? ...Sorry about that." (I'm back 2)
  • "I'm back! What have you been doing while I was gone?"
  • "Hey. I was out for a walk, thinking about you." (I'm back 4)

Touched by Player[edit]

  • "Something you need?" (Touch 1)
  • "It's embarrassing when you stare at me like that..." (Touch 2)
  • "Heheh, that tickles!" (Touch 3)
  • "What? Feel like talking, is that it?" (Touch 4)
  • "That's enough with the touching. ...What am I going to do with you?" (Touch 5)
  • "Hmhmmm ♪" (On the Clouds)

Idle Screen[edit]

  • "Hey, don't leave me here!" (Inactive 1)
  • "As long as we've got the chance, I'd really like to talk." (Inactive 2)
  • "Hey, did you fall asleep on me?" (Inactive 3)
  • "If you don't give me some attention, I'm going to start playing pranks!" (Inactive 4)

Time of Day Interactions[edit]


(Dialogues between 5:00 - 12:00 local time.)

  • "Good morning. You look like you're still a little tired." (Morning)
  • "Here in the Devildom, it's dark morning, noon, and night..." (AM Talk)

(Dialogues between 12:00 - 18:00 local time.)

  • "Hello. Have you had lunch yet?" (Afternoon)
  • "Why do I get so sleepy like this after lunch?"

(Dialogues between 18:00 - 0:00 local time.)

  • "Good evening. It's a nice night out, isn't it?" (Evening)
  • "How about we take a walk a little later and enjoy the night air?" (PM Talk)

(Dialogues between 0:00 - 5:00 local time.)

  • "Are you sure it's all right for you to be up this late? Don't blame me if you end up oversleeping!" (Night)
  • "What was it again that humans count when they're trying to fall asleep? Crows?" (Night Talk)

Character Intros[edit]

  • "I love to think up ways to annoy Lucifer!" (Intro 1)
  • "Do you ever sometimes wonder if Mammon is the most decent of all of us?" (Intro 2)
  • "I'm impressed Levi can say those long titles without taking a breath." (Intro 3)
  • "Yesterday, I spotted Asmo sneaking a piece of cake in the middle of the night." (Intro 4)
  • "Beel seems like he can eat anything, but apparently there are things even he doesn't like." (Intro 5)
  • "You know, I don't mind Belphie. He's okay."
  • "I never managed to beat Lord Diavolo at chess..."
  • "Barbatos has the power to see into the future. Useful, don't you think?"
  • "I hate to agree with Lucifer on anything, but Luke really does remind me of a dog."
  • "Wouldn't you be curious to see what Simeon's like when he's angry?"
  • "Solomon seems more like a demon than a human to me. What do you think?"

Game Tips[edit]

  • "I hear there's an event going on. Want to go check it out with me?" (App 3)
  • "I've got a feeling that you might get something nice form Nightmare today!" (App 9)
  • "Do you ever visit Majolish? It's nice if you want a change of pace." (App 12)
  • "You've got something in Mail!"
  • "Hmm, you might want to work a few shifts."
  • "It looks like you have a missed call. You should probably check that."
  • "Why don't we go take a peek at Akuzon? There's some stuff I want."
  • "Isn't it about time you took care of your tasks?"
  • "You can power up your cards from your contacts. Pretty amazing, huh?"
  • "You've got a message. Are you going to ignore it?"
  • "Seems there's a post you haven't read on Devilgram."

App Deleted[edit]

  • "Ah... you deleted it?"
  • "All right, fine. I'll go ahead and download that for you."
  • "Are you sure you should've deleted that?"

His Birthday[edit]

Game Anniversary[edit]

  • "My vocabulary is insufficient to convey what you mean to me. Won't you sit with me until I figured it out?" (Anniversary)

VIP-Only Dialogues[edit]

  • "Okay, okay, no more! Come on, that really tickles!"
  • "Whenever you touch me, I feel my heart start to race."
  • "Whoa, let's not get carried away! Don't make me punish you!"

Unlockable Dialogues[edit]

Moving Pictures[edit]

Cat Masks and Ramune[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • please add
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • please add

A World of Our Very Own[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • "Will you be my date to the Three Worlds Festival?"
  • "Let's make our very first festival together something we will never forget."
  • "We've been inside the book for a while now."
  • "I think it's time we head back."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "Let's the success of your party. Cheers..."
  • "TTWF turned into a huge success thanks to the planning and hard work of you and the other exchange students."
  • "I was even feeling proud of you after seeing how much the guests were enjoying the festival."
  • "That's not the only thing special about this bottle. Watch this."
  • "Oops... Forgive me. I failed to perform the trick correctly."
  • "Perhaps I'm a bit more nervous than I previously thought."
  • "...Nothing makes me happier than knowing that all of my knowledge was able to be of use to you."
  • "I believe I was born in order to meet you."
  • "Rather than simply watch over your from afar, I will stay close by your side."
  • "Let's make a toast to this promise."
  • "To our paths crossing and never separating from here on out."

I Think I'm Lovesick, Doc[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • "This isn't what it looks like. I'm just having a bit of trouble getting my arms through the sleeves."
  • "I'll get there eventually, so stop staring at me."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "Come to think of it, some of the materials Levi lent us included doctor role-playing."
  • "Shall we do our test shoot with that in mind?"
  • "Let me guess when you're in love, you end up being consumed with thoughts of your crush."
  • "Does that sound familiar to you?"
  • "How do I know, you ask? ...That's because I experience the very same symptoms."
  • "I'm utterly smitten with you, so much so that I've contracted lovesickness."
  • "I'll treat your wound now, so please stay still while I bandage it."
  • "...Well? What did you think? Not too shabby, was it?
  • "It looks like Levi's drilling paid off after all."
  • "Now then, where would you like me to apply your bandage?"

A Vacation to Remember[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • "Is there something on my face?"
  • "...Hm? What is it?"
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "I know it was a coincidence, but I'm glad I came to the Demon Lord's Castle with you."
  • "It was a lot of fun. This has been a good experience."
  • "This juice is sweet... but refreshing as well. It's delicious."
  • "He called it 'Tropical juice'."
  • "...I don't think I will forget the taste."
  • "Let's drink it together when we come here again."
  • "...It's a bit strange being touched by you like this."
  • "Perhaps I could rub in your sunscreen as well. That is, if you would like me to."
  • "Good thinking... Too much exposure to the sun isn't good for the skin."
  • "Sunscreen would help lessen the damage, yes?"

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