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This page lists all dialogues spoken by Lucifer in Obey Me! during Surprise Guest interactions, on the Home Screen, and more! For all dialogues with associated voice clips in Majolish, titles and links to Lucifer's Majolish Voice Clips page are provided.

Title Screen[edit]

Translation of Lucifer's Title Screen dialogue.

  • "Obey me. If you make me submit, you win."

Dance Battles[edit]

Dialogues said during battles.

Battle Skills[edit]

  • "Take this!"
  • "Time for revenge..."
  • "Ready? This won't be pleasant."
  • "Is that all you've got?"
  • "Entertain me." (Skill 3)
  • "Now it's our turn..." (Skill 6)
  • "Hey, wait for us!" (Skill 7)
  • "It's my turn now, right?" (Skill 8)
  • "Getting tired already?" (Skill 9)
  • "You're out of luck now." (Skill 10)
  • "So you saved me for last." (Skill 11)
  • "Any last words?" (Skill 12)

Surprise Guest[edit]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when not using Items.

Three-Star Wins[edit]

  • "I feel wonderful. I could destroy anyone who crosses my path."
  • "A high five...? I'm not sure what kind of emotion would prompt one to do so."

Two-Star/One-Star Wins[edit]

  • "It is not the result I was hoping for... but it'll do."

Home Screen[edit]

  • "Are you doing your tasks?"
  • "What's wrong? Having trouble falling asleep?"
  • "Finish this quickly. Do I make myself clear?"

Gifting the Player[edit]

  • "Don't disappoint Diavolo."
  • "Take this. It should be of use to you."


Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "Are you enjoying yourself?"
  • "Are you trying to please me?"
  • "Do you need a goodnight kiss?"
  • "Fine, I'll forgive you just this once."
  • "I see. That's interesting."
  • "I didn't expect that from a human. That was a compliment, couldn't you tell?"
  • "Not bad."
  • "So this is how you communicate in the human world..."
  • "You are a strange human being."
  • "You want me to praise you for that? Very well... Good job."

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "Do you need something?"
  • "I don't understand."
  • "Is something wrong?"
  • "That's enough."
  • "What are you trying?"
  • "You're not giving me any choice here."

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "... ..."
  • "Don't get ahead of yourself, human."
  • "I am not pleased."
  • "I never thought there was someone out there who would surpass Mammon in stupidity."
  • "I won't forgive you."
  • "Let go of my hand this instant."
  • "Perhaps I should feed you to Beel."
  • "Was it my mistake to select you?"
  • "You've helped me to understand the foolishness of humans."


Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "I have a suggestion. How about we share the bed."
  • "I have to admit my time spent here wasn't a waste. I will look forward to next time."
  • "Who would have thought a human like you would stir up these feelings within me."

Good Sequence[edit]

  • "Done? Let's continue this in my room."
  • "Good night... We'll meet again in our dreams."
  • "I feel like we both have a nice day ahead of us."
  • "I enjoyed our time together. Perhaps we should do this again."

Normal Sequence[edit]

  • "Are we finished? I will see you next time."
  • "Let's leave it at that for now."
  • "Think of a better way to entertain me next time."

Bad Sequence[edit]

  • "I hope you produce better results next time."
  • "I'm not free you know? Don't take up my time."

Using Items[edit]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when Items are used.

Standard Items[edit]

Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "I didn't expect that from a human. That was a compliment. Can't you tell?"
  • "I made the right choice when I selected you to come here."
  • "I'm glad you know your stuff."
  • "Is that a present? How would you like me to compensate you?"
  • "Is that for me? Thank you."
  • "It appears to me you know what pleases me."
  • "That's a pleasant surprise."
  • "You deserve a thank you."

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "I hope to receive something more to my taste next time."
  • "I shall accept your feelings."
  • "...So this is what they call a present?"
  • "This lacks something."

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "Sorry, this isn't exactly my cup of tea. I was hoping you'd know me better."
  • "That isn't for me, is it? I would reconsider your choice if I were you."
  • "...What's this? Did you think I'd thank you for that?"

Whip of Love[edit]

  • "So this is how you show affection. Not bad."
  • "That's it?"
  • "You do know what I'm capable of... ...don't you?"

Limited Items[edit]

For Limited Item dialogues of all characters, see the Limited Items Dialogues page.

Heartcuffs (Slightly Used)[edit]

  • "Where did you even get these...? Did Asmo put you up to this? So you want to put those on and become a captive of my love?"
    • "Happy Valentine's Day. I picked this special present just for you. Accept it."

Spring Fair[edit]

  • "There you go again. You sure have a weird taste in presents. You'll be the one to become my rabbit, won't you?"
    • "Happy Easter. Will you help me to think of places to hide the eggs where Beel won't find them?"
    • "Happy Easter. Will you accept it, my little bunny?" (Demon Voucher)

Rainy Season Fair[edit]

  • "Hydrangeas? How thoughtful. The weather has been bad recently, so I find these rather calming."
    • "This is to say thank you. Don't use the rain as an excuse to slack off."
    • "Let's go and get something to eat when the rain stops. In the meantime, make do with this." (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair[edit]

  • "You know that I don't have many good memories involving unicorns, right? You sure have some nerve teasing me like this."
    • "This is your first Devildom summer, isn't it? If you're thinking about going to the beach, be careful of devil starfish..."
    • "Go on, take this as a token of my appreciation. Let's go to the beach, just the two of us. I'll show you a special spot only locals know about." (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair Part 2[edit]

  • "...Why are you smiling at me like that? Is the sight of me enjoying a Snow Beary that amusing to you?"
    • "I know it has been hot, but be careful not to eat too much ice cream. Or else you will get a stomachache like Mammon."
    • "Here, have this. Also, I am taking you out tonight, so get ready. We will go see hellfireflies, but do not tell my brothers." (Demon Voucher)

End-of-Summer Fair[edit]

  • "You better not be pointing that thing at me. Do you think you would be able to hit me so easily?"
    • "They say summer is coming to an end, but this heat betrays any semblance of such an idea. I guess I'll begin making preparations for fall then. You can help too."
    • "I praise you for your zeal in trying to get me wet, so have this. You want to see me with my shirt off? I guess I don't mind. But this is for your eyes only." (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair[edit]

  • "A cold Red Demonus... It looks good. I hope you don't mind if I indulge a little?"
    • "Once I found Mammon sleeping in the entrance hall when he had a little too much to drink. I ignored him, and the next day he caught a cold. I guess that's karma for you."
    • "Actually, there are special glasses for Demonus. Shall we go get a set together? Matching glasses wouldn't be a bad idea." (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair Part 2[edit]

  • "It's already fall, is it? No wonder there's so much nice-looking food around. Now, don't get into any eating contests with Beel, you hear?"
    • " When putting away your summer clothes, be sure not to put them over there. Mammon will make off with them if you're not careful."
    • "I bought some chestnut coffee that I thought we could enjoy together. I'm just making it now. You will have some, won't you?" (Demon Voucher)

Christmas Fair[edit]

  • "Are these for putting on a Christmas tree? Come to think of it, somebody put up a Christmas tree in the House of Lamentation."
    • "Did you enjoy Diavolo's human world-style Christmas? The town was full of red, white, and green. I think I enjoyed it."
    • "It's only going to get colder and colder, so since you're a human, be sure to wear warm clothes. If you want me to keep you warm, come over to my room." (Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair[edit]

  • "You got me a scarf? Thank you, I'm very happy. I will make sure to treasure it."
    • "Actually, Satan also gave me a scarf. But there was a curse on it which made it grow eternally, so I burned it straight away."
    • "Is this the same as yours? If that's the case, let's go out in town wearing them. That's what you wanted, right?" (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair[edit]

  • "For me...? Ah, a Valentine's box. I'll treasure it, like I treasure you."
    • By the way, don't go near the common room. Mammon and Asmo are arguing about who received the most chocolate. What rowdy brothers I have."
    • "Here is my Valentine's gift. Also, make sure you don't make any plans this evening. I've booked us a table at Ristorante Six. Let's make it a special evening." (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair[edit]

  • "A Three-Worlds Dango? What taste you have. I'll pour us some tea that will go nicely with this. You will stay to enjoy it with me, won't you?"
    • "This is a thanks for the great time we had. ...Take it already. Don't think you can act so brainless and cute just because it's spring."
    • "Consider this my thanks. Also, I'll take you somewhere nice afterwards. The Hell Zakura blossoms in the West Forest should be blooming, so I want to take you to see them." (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair[edit]

  • "Otama Tony? You've made another strange friend, haven't you? How do you play it? You'll teach me, won't you?"
    • "The house has been awfully loud lately. Turns out everyone's been playing with these guys. I have my piano so I should join in next time."
    • "You enjoyed my piano, did you not? I shall serenade you with Otama Tony. Now, come to the music room." (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair[edit]

  • "Thank you. Anything from you is worth treasuring. I also must say, being able to tame such a violent plant as this, you sure have grown."
    • "Did I ever tell you the story of Diavolo trying to go for Solomon's throat? Solomon smirked and Diavolo ended up as tiny as this one. He is truly something else."
    • "Did you know that Diavolo likes bathing in the light of the moon? We haven't spent much time together lately, so shall we take this little guy and get away somewhere?" (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie[edit]

  • "Oh, a cherry pie from Horror's Horror. Is it already that time of year? I have a lot of paperwork to do today and was craving something a little sweet, so this is perfect."
    • "That reminds me, Asmo was going on about his new cherry-shaped earrings. I hope Beel doesn't mistake them for the real thing and swallow them whole."
    • "Do you know what a coffee cherry is? They're the fruit coffee beans come from, but they look exactly like cherries. As a thanks for the cherry pie, I'll pour you some fruity light roast coffee I just bought." (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy[edit]

  • "The Night Lantern People's Frenzy Fireworks? Is it that time already? I guess playing with fireworks isn't bad once in a while. You'll join me, won't you?"
    • "That reminds me, I saw a Chihuahua carrying a bundle of fireworks in town. I wonder if the Purgatory Hall students will have fireworks of their own."
    • "As thanks, I'll take you to next month's summer festival with the Lantern Night People's fireworks display. Keep your schedule open. I want to go, just the two of us." (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes[edit]

  • "I was just craving a Revelation Tomato Caprese salad. And I might as well make it as tasty as possible, so what shall I reveal to you, huh?"
    • "Someone left food outside your room when you were studying late once, right? That was me. I kept quiet because someone can't meet deadlines because he's always eating. I'm sure that wasn't the case for you though."
    • "Do you remember when I messaged you to come to my room because I wanted to see you? That was actually a mistake. It was late so I tried to delete it, but accidentally sent it. But we ended up having a wonderful time, didn't we?" (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?![edit]

  • "Ghost Balloons? That reminds me, I once bought my brothers some. Their reactions were interesting, but they didn't want any the next year."
    • "One of Levi's idol groups had merchandise inspired by these balloons. He was complaining that one of their live performances was no good because somebody brought the balloons in and they started to pop."
    • "Okay, I get it. You want to enjoy the Ghost Balloons with me right? If that's what you want, I'll just have to agree. (Demon Voucher)

Give Your Heart to Candy![edit]

  • "Candy Heart, huh? Thank you. They taste quite...mellow. Is it because I had student council duties to attend to? Did I worry you?"
    • "Next time you see Mammon writing demands, please tell me. I'll make sure to present him with a bloodcurdling Heart Candy."
    • "Well, this candy won't suffice. After a long day of work, only having you by my side will help. You will stay, won't you?" (Demon Voucher)

Jovial Gingerbread Men?![edit]

  • "Oh, thank you. A Jovial Gingerbread Man? It's that time of year already? They can be dangerous when they turn giant, but they are oh so tasty. Would you like some?"
    • "Once Belphegor used a Giant Jovial Gingerbread Man as a bed. After he complained it was uncomfortable, it sulked and returned to normal. Even gingerbread men can have their feelings hurt, huh?"
    • "If you're afraid of being attacked by a Giant Jovial Gingerbread Man, I'll feed it to you. I was just joking, but you're looking at me expectantly. Just this once, okay? Say, 'ah.'" (Demon Voucher)

Zombie Iguana[edit]

  • "A Zombie Iguana doll? Since you're the one giving this to me, there's a strange sense Thanks."
    • "You probably already know, but this Zombie Iguana is cursed. I'm not always going to be here to get rid of the curse, so watch out for curses like you watch out for Solomon's cooking."
    • "Why did you suddenly take my hand...? I see, the curse makes you not be able to take your hand away from mine. I could break it if you don't like it, but I'm fine with staying like this for a little longer." (Demon Voucher)

Relaxing Devil Bath Bombs[edit]

  • "You're giving a Devil Bath Bomb to me? You really come up with the most unexpected things. I feel exhausted having to deal with my brothers' mayhem. I'll gladly use this."
    • "Oh, Diavolo mentioned the other day he had received Devil Bath Bombs from the owner of Savonne. He was really looking forward to using his, but they all have random fragrances which is quite the drawback. Hopefully he liked the fragrance he got."
    • "Either way, you also used one of these, didn't you? You smell different than usual. Acid lavender if my guess is correct? You could help me relax as well today instead of this bath bomb. If you don't mind becoming my body pillow, come to my room later. I'll be waiting." (Demon Voucher)

Hell Pancake Festival[edit]

  • "Participate in the Skyscraper Challenge? ...What is that? A Hell Pancake stacking contest? Is that supposed to be fun?"
    • "I think Simeon makes the best pancakes. I wonder if he uses some kind of secret ingredient? Be sure to keep what I said a secret. You know what will happen if you do not, right?"
    • "The event is ridiculous, but not your choice to pick me. Since you are the one who asked, I would be willing to think about it if you get me in the mood." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Candy Apples?![edit]

  • "A Cursed Candy Apple? It seems one is cursed if they don't finish it within 10 minutes. That said, it is probably not much of a curse since the spell is contained within the pit of the apple. You would most likely only experience sudden rainfall or trip somewhere."
    • "Now that I think of it, Asmo was asking Beel before about how to cleanly eat candy apples. I wonder if he knows something? It appears the solution is to eat the whole thing in one bite. Asmo did not look too happy, but he most definitely asked the wrong person."
    • "You are worried about the curse? I can just share your umbrella if it rains, and you can catch me if I fall. In other words, you can just stay by my side until the curse subsides. Problem solved, yes?" (Demon Voucher)

Multifaced Eye Masks[edit]

  • "Multifaced Eye Masks? So what face would you have me make? Ugh. Please don't do silly pranks like Mammon does."
    • "Ah, I see. No wonder Satan was smiling when he handed over the student council documents. That was probably another of Mammon's tricks. I am worried how Satan will react. Please calm him down so he does not destroy the building."
    • "So? Are you saying you want me to spoil you? Or is it the other way around? I suppose it doesn't matter either way. It's time for your punishment, though it appears as though that's what you want." (Demon Voucher)

Siren Sea Globe[edit]

  • "Oh, a Siren Sea Globe? Quite a rare item to behold... One can peer into the state of the Siren Sea using this. It seems quite tempestuous as usual."
    • "When strolling along the beach, do take care to avoid sandy sinkholes. They're holes formed in the sand due to the tides. Mammon sometimes falls into one. If that happens don't heed him any attention."
    • "Which means that the waves will be calmer tomorrow. Do you doubt my forecast? Well then, I'll have to take you to the Siren Sea to prove it. I didn't mean to be so brash... I really mean to say that I'd like to spend some time alone with you. You will free up your schedule, won't you?" (Demon Voucher)

Snow Ice Cream[edit]

  • "That is pretty clever having it snow over your head when you eat this Snow Ice Cream. I was just craving something cold. Thank you."
    • "I think Devil's Coast is around here. Please do tell Mammon about it. I believe he is quite fond of the Devil's Water Panic summer event they hold here. I wouldn't want to hear his whining if he missed it."
    • "Hm? You want a bite? I don't mind. Here, open your mouth. ...The snow has stopped. It appears the intensity of our love has melted it." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Music Box[edit]

  • "This is a Cursed Music Box, correct? The one where you get cursed if you don't listen until the end. I hear you also must listen intently to avoid the curse."
    • "Asmo accidentally listened to one a long time ago. I didn't turn out absolutely horrible, but he was cursed. He was probably fixing his makeup which caused him to not pay attention properly. I can't imagine him not focusing on himself for longer than five seconds."
    • "I assume you want to spend more time with me if you have prepared this. I do realize I have been busy with student council duties recently. I'll be sure to spoil you as much as you want, so come here. You can even listen to the music box on my knees if you wish." (Demon Voucher)

Opposite Biscuit?![edit]

  • "An Opposite Biscuit? That is one of those biscuits where you say the exact opposite of what you are feeling when you eat it, correct? Another prank? Those brothers of mine have rubbed off on you too much. ...I'll eat it, so stop staring at me in anticipation."
    • "How unpleasant. No wonder why Beel ate the surrounding wrapping before. I don't want to see him go on another eating spree, so I will never treat him to anything again."
    • "Awful... Which means the opposite, huh? What, you want to eat it, too? Here, open up. Stop licking my finger... It's very unpleasant..." (Demon Voucher)

Catastrophic Illumination[edit]

  • "Is this Catastrophic Candle for me? Thank you. Do you happen to know the magic that is imbued within this candle?"
    • "Do you see how the flame burns yellow? The yellow flame causes you to become incredibly competitive. Diavolo is visiting me soon on some executive business. Afterwards, I can foresee us playing chess until dawn."
    • "Do you see how the flame burns red? The red flame has the effect of making you want to be spoiled by those around you. Since you've brought this to me, you'll have to indulge all my wishes until it burns out." (Demon Voucher)

Super Soda Water[edit]

  • "Oh, thank you. I hear that this Super Soda Water really helps with fatigue. Having to deal with my troublesome brothers all day really makes the stress build up."
    • "I have actually received one of these from Solomon before. He claimed I looked tired. Of course, he also cast a spell on it that made me want to make a pact with him. The whole ordeal just made me more tired."
    • "I know you might be tired from dealing with my brothers' shenanigans, but this soda is too strong for human consumption. Let me relax you instead. What would you like me to do? Simply ask." (Demon Voucher)

A Beckoning Black Cat Brings Good Fortune[edit]

  • "Is this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain for me? Thank you. The rumor going around RAD say this is supposed to bring good fortune, right?"
    • "What the... I think I just saw something suddenly appear... This is Belphie's pillow, isn't it? I see. I wanted to rest so this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain brought me a pillow. Well, I might as well use it then."
    • "Well, since you did come to see me, perhaps it's not a rumor after all. But don't think this alone will satisfy me. I'd like to spend some time alone with your afterwards. Understood?" (Demon Voucher)

Mont Blancs Full of Feelings[edit]

  • "A Mont Blanc of Desire? Have you made it with your hopes and wishes? I'll eat it right away. Once I know what you really want, I'll ensure your desires come true."
    • "You'd like to know what's been troubling me? I thought you wouldn't notice, but I guess I was wrong. The truth is, Solomon has been pestering me to help him improve his cooking. The others have been skirting him and pushed him onto me... It's quite annoying."
    • "The taste is quite peculiar. Clearly it has been made with your deepest desires. If it really is true, I'll share my love for you as much you could want. No matter what may happen, or whomever I may meet, my love will always be yours. I love only you." (Demon Voucher)

Bring Forth Good Luck with a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath[edit]

  • "A Hell's Gate Rose Wreath, huh? Thank you. Hurry up and hand it to me before you hurt your hand. You want me to hurry up and try it out? Don't rush me. I'm getting to it."
    • "Before, Beel was in a pinch because he couldn't pull something out of the wreath. When I looked closer, I noticed there was a whole grilled headless dragon in there. I obviously made him give up on it."
    • "A unicorn doll? Of all the things...why this? ...Since you are laughing, I assume that means you are also ready for your punishment." (Demon Voucher)

Play the Soul's Song Record![edit]

  • "Hm. A Soul's Song Record. A troublesome thing to be sure, but I don't particularly mind. It means you'd like to peer into my heart after all."
    • "The first time I got my hands on one of these records, I tried to test it on Simeon. However... It seems he was considering that day's menu. All he did was recite recipes. *sigh* How dull..."
    • "I want to stay by your side, closer than anyone else. ...It feels a bit odd, but being honest every now and then isn't bad right?" (Demon Voucher)

Overcome Those Yucky Foods with Cursed Cutlery![edit]

  • "You would give a demon Cursed Cutlery? There never seems to be an end to your surprises. Still, I find your unpredictable behavior rather fun. I will enjoy using these. Thank you."
    • "I believe the purpose is to have one eat food they don't like, but unfortunately for you, I--... Wait. That's... Don't tell me this, accursed cutlery brought some food from a certain sorcerer..."
    • "The cutlery looks troubled. I assume you wish for me to eat food I don't like. Unfortunately for you, I have none. As it stands, the cutlery won't be able to fulfill its function. How about I feed you food you dislike? Open up." (Demon Voucher)

In-game Apps[edit]

Dialogues said within various In-game Apps.


Selected for Home Screen[edit]

  • "Choosing me, are you?"

Changing Outfits[edit]


Excellent Order[edit]

  • "Thanks. I'm not Beel, but it looks delicious. I'll be sure to order from you again."

Very Good Order[edit]

  • "Thank you. I was looking forward to this. Your magic has improved quite a bit."

Good Order[edit]

  • "Thanks. I've been waiting for this."

Failed Order[edit]

  • "Interesting... Remind me, is this what I ordered?"

Player's Birthday[edit]

Dialogues said on the Player's Birthday. All Surprise Guest interactions result in Perfect Sequences during birthdays.

Birthday App Screen[edit]

  • "Happy birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day."

Surprise Guest[edit]

Battle Wins/Home Screen[edit]

  • "Happy birthday."

Gifting the Player (said when gifting 30 Devil Points)[edit]

  • please add

Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with happy memories."

His Birthday[edit]

Dialogues said on Lucifer's Birthday, including birthday login bonuses.

Home Screen[edit]

  • "Today's my birthday. Apparently my brothers are planning some sort of celebration." (Birthday)

Login Bonuses[edit]

2020 Login[edit]

  • "Today's my birthday. You will celebrate it together with me, won't you?"

2021 Login[edit]

  • "I can tell this birthday will be a special one because you're here celebrating it for me."

2022 Login[edit]

  • "Celebrating with you is tradition now. Thank you."

2023 Login[edit]

  • "Birthdays were never special until I met you."

2024 Login[edit]

  • "I want to thank you for all of the days that have been and are to come."

Home Screen[edit]

Dialogues said on the Home Screen, both standard dialogues and those with unlocking requirements.

Standard Dialogues[edit]


  • "Ah, you're here." (Login 1)
  • "So, what's the plan for today?" (Login 2)
  • "Hey there. I was hoping you'd drop in." (Login 3)
  • "Heheh, I always feel a little antsy until you show up." (Login 4)

Player Returns[edit]

  • "Well, hello. How are things?" (You're back 1)
  • "Welcome back. It was lonely without you around." (You're back 2)
  • "Ah, you're back. Maybe I should accompany you next time." (You're back 3)
  • "Welcome back. I wanted to see you so badly that I almost went looking for you." (You're back 4)
  • "You've got some nerve keeping me waiting. Well now, what are you going to do about it?" (You're back 5)

He Returns[edit]

  • "Hello! I'm back." (I'm back 1)
  • "I'm back. Hm? ...Did you miss me?" (I'm back 2)
  • "Sorry, I had some business to take care of. Well, well, you certainly seem happy to see me." (I'm back 3)
  • "*sigh* I've had a long day. But seeing you has a way of making me feel better." (I'm back 4)

Touched by Player[edit]

  • "...Hm?" (Touch 1)
  • "Pff...if you think that tickles, you're wrong." (Touch 2)
  • "Are you really trying to tickle me? Heheheh, you'll have to do much better than that." (Touch 3)
  • "Hey, now you're taking things too far." (Touch 4)
  • "Well, if you insist on touching me, then be my guest." (Touch 5)
  • "Today is the rare day when my brothers aren't causing trouble. Wonderful." (On the Clouds)

Idle Screen[edit]

  • "I don't like to be ignored." (Inactive 1)
  • "Are you neglecting me on purpose so I'll pine for you?" (Inactive 2)
  • "Hey! Are you there?" (Inactive 3)
  • "I'd really like to talk to you more. Is that selfish of me?" (Inactive 4)

Time of Day Interactions[edit]


(Dialogues between 5:00 - 12:00 local time.)

  • "Good morning. *yawn* Excuse me. I'm afraid I'm not a morning demon." (Morning)
  • "Do you think it's true what they say? That the morning hours are the most productive?" (AM Talk)

(Dialogues between 12:00 - 18:00 local time.)


(Dialogues between 18:00 - 0:00 local time.)

  • "Good evening. It's another nice night here in the Devildom." (Evening)
  • "If you're not going to go to bed, then spend time with me." (PM Talk)

(Dialogues between 0:00 - 5:00 local time.)

  • "Still up, are you? How very naughty of you." (Night)
  • "Nights in the Devildom are so peaceful, don't you think?" (Night Talk)

Character Intros[edit]

  • "I don't believe Mammon. Where did he run off to?" (Intro 1)
  • "Could someone please translate what Leviathan just said for me?"
  • "It's difficult dealing what Satan. Though, I suppose that's my fault."
  • "Try not to accept quite so many offerings from witches, Asmo." (Intro 4)
  • "Beel! Your plate may have an appetizing aroma, but that doesn't make it food."
  • "There are times when I am unsure of how to interact with Belphie."
  • "My job is to see that Diavolo's every request is granted."
  • "How does Barbatos manage to keep so clean while cooking in such formal clothing?" (Intro 8)
  • "Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Dachshund... Yes, there's no doubt he's a Chihuahua."
  • "If only Mammon had even one percent of Simeon's calm demeanor..."
  • "*sigh* Solomon can be quite devious, so don't let your guard down ...Hm? What do you mean 'just like me'?" (Intro 11)

Game Tips[edit]

  • "It seems something has arrived in Mail." (App 1)
  • "Have you checked To Do? You haven't received all of your rewards yet." (App 2)
  • "It seems there's an event going on. How about we go have a look?" (App 3)
  • "Isn't it about time you worked a few shifts?" (App 4)
  • "It seems you've got a voicemail. You'd best see what it is." (App 6)
  • "It appears you have a message. Why don't you go reply to it?" (App 7)
  • "If you need new cards, go check out Nightmare." (App 9)
  • "Akuzon is so convenient to use. It's easy to buy too much." (App 10)
  • "Are you managing to get through all of your tasks?" (App 11)
  • "It's nice to head over to Majolish for a change of pace every now and then." (App 12)
  • "I'd recommend opening Contacts and powering up your cards."
  • "There's a post you haven't read on Devilgram."

App Deleted[edit]

  • "Hey, what are you doing?" (App Deleted 2)
  • "As you say... I'll go ahead and redownload that for you."
  • "...Did you delete that?"

Game Anniversary[edit]

  • "I can't take my eyes off you. I'll stay by your side, so don't change and keep being you." (Anniversary)

VIP-Only Dialogues[edit]

  • "Hmhmmm ♪"
  • "I'm glad my brothers enjoy being around you so much. As do I, naturally."
  • "Would you mind staying here with me a little longer?"

Unlockable Dialogues[edit]

Moving Pictures[edit]

A Night to Remember[edit]
Standard Art[edit]
  • "Is that how they all intend on behaving for the rest of the night?"
  • "For once, I wish they would put themselves in my shoes."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "It's Starting."
  • "...Beautiful, aren't they?"
  • "...Hm? What is it?"
  • "Heh, not that I mind."
  • "There, take a good look."
  • "You may look all you want."
  • "And you won't be looking only at the sky, either."
  • "Are you finding it difficult to focus on the fireworks with me right beside you?"
  • "You can't look away, can you? Do you love fireworks that much?"
  • "In that case, I can give you a show of your very own."
A Roll of the Dice[edit]
Standard Art[edit]
  • "What do you think?"
  • "Perfect for creating some excitement while the guests are placing their bets, right? It adds a special bit of flair."
  • "It adds an exciting visual element that really livens things up. Pretty nice, don't you think?"
  • "It's the most powerful tool dealers at this casino have when we want to put a show for the guests."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "We can't and won't lose."
  • "I don't plan on losing no matter what."
  • "I can't afford to lose in front of you."
  • "All right, time to go place our bet."
  • "When the stakes are high, it's important to be in the right mental state."
  • "Look forward to it."
  • "Just sit there and watch me win."
  • "We are going to win this thing. I promise you that."
  • "Victory is at hand. All that's left is to reach out and take it."
  • "Fortunately, luck is one thing I have in spades."
  • "I have no intention of bringing even more trouble into our home."
A Private Celebration[edit]
Standard Art[edit]
  • "I arranged this surprise for you. ...Were you startled?"
  • "Well, I had intended for this to round out our day..."
  • "In order to formally invite you to dance with me at TTWF."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "You've grown so much since we first met. Countless denizens of the Devildom have acknowledged your skills, and this event will only further your reputation.
  • "So, I borrowed two glasses of Demonus from the venue to drink to your success."
  • "Here's to your past, present, and future accomplishments. Cheers."
  • "The Demonus is exceptionally delicious today..."
  • "Perhaps it's because I'm in such a splendid mood? To be specific..."
  • "Being here with you, drinking in your beauty... It's simply sublime."
  • "...There's an expression in the human world, isn't there? About spreading one's wings."
  • "I'm sure that organizing this party must have taken a toll on you. It certainly wasn't anything like your regular tasks."
  • "Whether it's leaning on my shoulder or snuggling up to me, I'm happy to entertain whatever whim you might have."
  • "You've earned it."
The Stream of Bubbles[edit]
Standard Art[edit]
  • "Bubbles again? Some of the bubbles from the performance are floating over to us."
  • "...Beautiful, aren't they?"
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "Do you remember when the bubbles came towards us during the rehearsals?"
  • "I thought it was beautiful enough that we should try it together."
  • "I see... When you blow like this, it creates a stream of smaller bubbles."
  • "This is nice as well. It's easy to get lost looking at them."
  • "You can't do this with bubbles in the Devildom."
  • "Well, I suppose there's some fun in that as well."
  • "*chuckles* Well, that was a bit anticlimactic."
  • "you tried to startle me by popping it right in front of my face, didn't you?"
  • "I know exactly how you think."
  • "You're one hundred years too early to pull one over on me."

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